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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Spoilers: Shonda Rhimes Bursts Everyone’s Collective Bubble

Usually, Grey's mastermind Shonda Rhimes teases us in the most deliciously frustrating way, whetting our appetites for all the steamy drama she cooks up on Grey's Anatomy. Recently, though, she just went on a rampage putting the kibosh on every relationshippy rumor flying around this season. Way to be a downer, Shonda. Don't read on if you'd like to continue to carry hope in your hearts.

Luckily, she basically confirmed that Arizona's trip to Africa won't break up Calzona. "Their journey is going to be long and hard, but that doesn't mean they're not going to end up together," she says. "People better just prepare themselves for things to be difficult." So, while they won't break up, and eventually will be a stronger couple, things are pretty much going to suck on the lady-love front for awhile.

Holding out for a Mark and Lexie reunion like we are? Don't hold your breath. Rhimes says their relationship isn't as strong as Callie and Arizona's. "That doesn't mean I don't see them as two people who are going to end up together," she teases. "There's hope for Mark and Lexie, [but] Lexie has some growing up to do, as does Mark."

And if you were thinking that Lexie's immaturity may be what leads her to become ensnared in the Alex-April-Lexie love triangle we've been hearing about, think again. "I honestly have no idea what [fans] are talking about," says Rhimes of the rumor. "We have no plans for an Alex-April-Lexie triangle." Bummer! We're still clinging to the possibility that Karev devirginizes April, though. It may be unrealistic, but we've gotta have something to hold on to after Shonda napalmed all of our hopes and dreams.

Source: Digital Spy

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