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Jersey Shore

Top 10 Quotes: Jersey Shore Reunion Special

Nothing like a reunion special to give us our quote fix after a a crazy season. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that these guidos and guidettes haven’t changed a bit since they left Miami. Thank. The. Lord.

10. Ronnie: How could you not smush if you’ve got a Fossil watch? And it was white!
Who knew that Fossil wasx the official brand of the guido population?

9. Pauly: Burgers for the boys!
The perfect name for Pauly’s next business.

8. Pauly: Do yourself a favor, get yourself a T-Shirt Time.
Done and done.

7. Vinny: A “trenade” is a tranny grenade!
That’s modern warfare.

6. Pauly: The spin move is a good move. You’re basically spinning out of the way before the girl even realizes you’ve left. So she’s turning around, she’s like “where the hell did you go,” and you bounce on the girl before she blows up. You don’t want a grenade to blow up on you.
Who knew grenade-aversion skills can be learned playing basketball?

5. JWOWW: (On Ronnie’s allegation that the two of them talked about hooking up) I would love proof of this conversation. This never happened. I was in a relationship with Tom for a year. Why would I go to my roommate? I’d rather f*** Pauly before I’d even go near Ron.
Yeah, we know. Remember last year?

4. Pauly: I’d like to have a girlfriend. You’re not supposed to look, it’s supposed to just happen. I wasn’t looking, it happened, so let’s see what happens.
So...what happened?

3. Pauly: At the beach, I had a piece of lint in my hair, and Vinny went and took it out, and that was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.
Beyond adorable.

2. Situation: I was having such a good time that night, and, you know what, I didn’t know it was a tranny but, at the same time, a couple of drinks in ya, you really can’t tell, I guess. Especially down in Miami. That’s the situation down there.
Maybe you should quit drinking?

1. Vinny: I have a lot going for myself. I’m good-looking, I’m in shape and I f***ing have a HUGE ding dong.
And you’re modest. Wait, no.

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10.29.2010 / 11:12 PM EDT by Rich Piepho
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