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Jersey Shore

Why Wasn’t Angelina at the Jersey Shore Reunion?

Did anyone else notice a certain especially trap-flapping member of the Jersey Shore cast conspicuously missing on last night's reunion special? Angelina says she skipped the end of season love fest because she didn't feel like grovelling to her cast mates all night. She explains, "To them, I owed them something and I, they need, they wanted me to go on my hands and knees and beg them for their forgiveness and that’s just not the type of person I am." Obviously not.

She claims she left the show to escape the constant bullying and abuse she had to endure. Unfortunately, she and Snooki haven't made up since their extension-pulling brawl. Angelina says the two "can't stand each other" and, apparently, it's all over the sloppy seconds thing. However, Pivarnick insists Vinny came on to her and Snooki never called girl code on him to begin with.

"[Snooki] got mad at me for having sex with Vinny," Pivarnick says. “Meanwhile she was bringing guys home and he was bringing girls home. I had no idea that she actually like Vinny in that way, like, I had no idea and you know she never explained that to me, like hey don’t touch Vinny whatever. It’s so funny ‘cause it’s like me getting blamed for it but, Vinny’s the one who antagonized the whole entire thing of me hooking up with him." (That's not really proper usage of the word "antagonized," but points for Angelina trying to use her vocab words.) "He's the one that came at me first. He's the one that was like flirting with me, but then she gets mad at me.” Snooki does seem to shrug off the notion that she's caught feelings for Vinny even though the two seem to be more than just DTF.

Also, Angelina would like to make very clear to one and all that she is not, in fact, a loosey goose: "How am I a slut when I hooked up with Vinny like I had sex with him the whole two months I was there, but then it was OK as soon as the episodes where she was having a guy in the bed?” First rule of drama-free reality TV life: don't hook up with roommates. Second rule: don't hook up with roommates your other roommates have foolishly broken the first rule with. But what fun would playing by the rules be?

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