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America's Next Top Model

Chelsea Handler Rags On ANTM and Ann of Ann_Head.JPG

Chelsea Handler recently unleashed her acerbic snark on Tyra and this cycle's Top Model hopefuls on her show Chelsea Lately. Handler congratulates Tyra for dropping her talk show to focus on ANTM, saying, "She is now solely dedicated to finding the most beautiful, talented, and well-spoken anorexic girls this great nation has to offer. And if you don't think that her laser focus has paid off, you check out this rising superstar trying to shoot a commercial." Cue Ann's admittedly totally expected train wreck. We all knew Ann was going to fall on her face during this challenge, but we didn't realize quite how literally that would occur. "Move over, Cindy Crawford. No really. Move over before she falls on you," Chelsea cracks.

After airing Ann's painful H2T Water commercial from last week's episode, Chelsea throws in a dig at the 6'2" model's slight frame. Says Handler, "You can't just say somebody is a top model just because that's the only position they can be in during sex otherwise they'd be crushed. I think this show proves that America has run out of models. There are no more." Ouch.

Okay, running the show for 427 cycles may be excessive, we agree. And yes, Ann is awkward and it hurts our eyes to look at her unless it's in a photograph. But, that said, Ann is really pretty sweet. (Although, she needs to stop crying every time she doesn't get top photo. She's still great, and she's starting to remind us of that annoying brainy kid from elementary school who would cry every time she got an A-. Just saying. Get it together, Anne.) And she does take incredible photographs. And it's really really hard not to feel sorry for her awkwardness when she was obviously tortured for being freakishly tall her whole life.

Who are we kidding. Chelsea's hilarious and on point.

Source: E! Online

10.30.2010 / 12:51 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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