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Grey's Anatomy

Top 10 Quotes from Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 6: “These Arms of Mine”

From Bieber Fever to donor-cycles, here are 10 great quotes from the last episode of Grey's Anatomy.

10. Alex [to Lily]: The rest of us don't have Bieber Fever, whatever that is.
This coming from the guy who seemed to know all of Justin Bieber's lyrics.

9. Nicole: Donor-cycles... isn't that what they call them?
The lady makes a good point about the perils of two wheels.

8. Derek:
Dr. Yang and my wife sometimes have sleepovers... in my bed... with me in it.
"And I occasionally spoon with Dr. Yang inadvertently."

7. Nora:
I have to wipe his [bleep] for him.
The double amputee's wife sums up how his armless-ness has literally brought them closer.

6. Derek:
I wouldn't go so far as calling us medical titans, but...
And by saying that, he's pretty much calling them medical titans. Not fooling anyone with that false humility, Derek!

5. Alex:
I'll basically eating, breathing, and sleeping trachea for the next month.
Alex proves his commitment to Pediatrics and, specifically, to Lily's case.

4. Mark: So when I heard he got shot... every day, we give bad news to patients. We tell them their loved ones are hurt, or dying or dead. And for the first time in my life, I understood what that feels like. It feels like sh**.
...and Mark proves his bro-love for Derek runs deep.

3. Arizona: Now I have people here — important people — which complicates things. But this is bigger than me. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. So yeah, of course I'm taking the grant. That just means I'm moving to Africa.
Bombshell! Despite all the ties keeping her in Seattle, Arizona is opting to venture forth and spread her expertise throughout a whole new continent.

2. Callie: Arm's pinking up.
The first signal that the bilateral arm transplant might actually work, which sent the OR into sheer jubilation.

1. Cristina: Being a hero has its price.
A perfect encapsulation of Cristina's story arc of the season so far.

10.30.2010 / 02:58 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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