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Dancing With The Stars

Recap of Season 11, Week 7: Performance

It was the 200th Show, which meant it was time to kill some time! To the first song from the first season, the professionals danced en masse to a rocked-up version of Beyonce’s “Crazy.” After a long performance, they re-introduced all the returning cast members from preview seasons — and the team captains for the team dances. Kristi Yamaguchi was team captain for Rick and Cheryl, Bristol and Mark and Kyle and Lacey. Anton Ohno got Kurt and Anna, Brandy and Maks and Jennifer and Derek.

On the other hand, they started the actual show at 8:07 this week (even if it was the team-choosing from last week). Then the couples took to rehearsal.

Team Kristi

Team Kristi was on the Cha-Cha-Cha, and Cheryl and Lacey tried to get Bristol on board with looking sexy. It seemed like a tough road. How tough a road it was became more evident as the dancing began: next to Cheryl and Lacey, Bristol’s cautious arms and difficulty remembering the steps became even more apparent than usual. Rick, despite having never Cha-Cha-Cha’d before, was the strongest dancer and performer, looking appropriately sexy and showing more of a mastery of the footwork than either of his other two teammates, both of whom had Cha-Cha-Cha’d before. Bristol did a lot of posing (again) while Mark danced around her deficiencies, and Kyle was probably a little wilder than the judges would like (but which the audience totally appreciated).

Len said he thought they’d be underdogs in the competition, but they did a great job. Bruno singled out Rick for individual praise and noted that Bristol lost the steps. Carrie Ann noted, too, that Rick was great, and complimented Bristol for keeping up.

The judges award them unanimous 8s, for a total of 24.

Team Apollo

Jennifer was told that she had to take a break during rehearsals every two hours, which affected her rehearsals and, apparently, her relationship with Derek. But the rehearsals seemed tiring and Jennifer looked off, even as the other participants struggled to learn everything quickly.

But with Kurt sporting Apollo’s soul patch and the band doing a passable version of Young M.C.’s “Bust A Move,” they were poised to put on a way better performance than Team Kristi. Kurt was so totally into character that it was hard not to giggle with delight, Brandy brought some crazy hips to her performance and Jennifer brought it all to the dance floor and managed not to mess up a single hold this week. They walked away the clear winners.

Bruno loved it; Carrie Ann thought they were all doing their best. Len liked the pattern changes and thought they’d all upped their games.

The judges awarded them unanimous 9s for a total of 27.

Kyle & Lacey

Kyle and Lacey had to recreate Mel B’s Paso Doble to “Free Your Mind,” with Mel B judging. Kyle tried to channel his aggression and passion with an open shirt and his abs drawn in. Not sure that worked, though.

Kyle’s natural need-to-please certainly didn’t diminish in the wake of his put-on aggression, so he didn’t have quite the emotional distance of a professional dancer, but he all but had the arms, the strong footwork and the aggressive dancing of one. Lacey made a good choice of keeping her hair loose and her dress flow-y to leave the viewer with the impression that the aggression was more on Kyle’s side, and it worked. Not our favorite dance of theirs, performance-wise, but still fun to watch.

Len called it his best dance. Mel called it amazing and Kyle “very sexy.” Bruno said he had “the attack and energy” but noted his shoulders come up on some of the Spanish arms. Carrie Ann thought Kyle definitely channeled Mel’s strength.

Mel B gave them a 10, Carrie Ann a 9, and Len and Bruno eights for a total of 35. That gave him an overall score of 59

Kurt & Anna

They got to Tango to Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible” as originally performed by Emmett Smith, which was at least a dance by a big man for a big man.

And big they went, of course, with Kurt looking as charming and protective as ever. He wasn’t quite as intense a performer as other Tango-ers, but he brought a Kurt-like intensity to it and their work on minimizing the appearance of his hands and too appear more gentle with Anna (while still sharp) was quite evident.

Bruno was iffy on it. Carrie Ann liked that Kurt brought character to it, but that he needed to work on his technique. Emmett thought his technique was great. Len thought it was sharp and had drama, though Len told him he needed to learn the difference between flexed and bent knees.

Emmett gave them a 10 and the other judges unanimous eights, for a total of 34. The gave them an overall score of 61.

Bristol & Mark

Bristol got Kelly Osborne’s Viennese Waltz to perform — another even pairing by way of the producers, and a definite coup for Bristol’s dancing style. Bristol was still nervous about dancing and about making it to next week

Unlike Kelly, though, Bristol didn’t float the way she had in her initial appearance (or even the way Bristol did during her own fox trot earlier in the season. At least Bristol didn’t appear to be counting her steps or worrying quote as much while she danced, though she did stumble just a little bit at the end. All in all, she managed to turn in slightly more of a performance than usual but, again, at the cost of some of her technique.

Carrie Ann called her endearing, but called her slightly detached from her performance. Kelly said she did unbelievable. Len said he enjoyed it very much and said they lacked chemistry, but complimented her footwork. Bruno called her a “natural mover” but said she needed to connect a little bit more.

Kelly gave them a 9, and the other judges have them unanimous eights for a total of 33. Her total score was 57.

Rick & Cheryl

Brandy and Maks were asked to recreate Helio Castronoves’ Quickstep (in his Dick Tracy-inspired outfit). Rick said he’d have to work to bring more fun to his dancing. Eliza Dushku, his girlfriend, stopped by rehearsals to help him remember how to have fun.

Rick thankfully did not recreate Helio’s yellow suit: he went with kelly green and a longer suit coat — stick, decidedly with the Dick Tracy vibe. The dance, though, was tight, high energy and it matched Rick’s size and attitude. Unlike all their efforts to be serious-sexy, he and Cheryl were super-cute and quite fun to watch this week.

Len thought it quick, sweet, rich and good. Bruno thought it was fast and that he “made more faces than Jim Carey.” Helio seemed mostly mad that Rick stole his kiss (and then demanded he get a nickname, too: the Jolly Green Giant). Carrie Ann called it “by far” his best.

Helio gave them a 10 and the other judges all nines, for a total of 37. His overall total was 61.

Brandy & Maks

Having received Gilles Marini’s Foxtrot to Peggy Lee’s “Fever,” Brandy was uncomfortable with the sexiness of the dance and having to be sultry with Maks in rehearsals. We guess their chemistry is pretty platonic after all!

But where Gilles was the sultry one in the original dance, Maks successfully ceded the floor to Brandy in that department. She managed to look elegant one moment (as appropriate for the foxtrot) and slinky the next (as appropriate for the song) and outdance Maks at the same time. She did have one slight error — possibly her first of the season — and marked it with a

Bruno called it a “steamy” Foxtrot driven by “relentless eroticism,” but noted one mistake. Gilles called it “unreal.” Carrie Ann loved the transition between beautiful holds and sultriness. Len called it a “slight mistake” in the “most fantastic fox trot” ever.

Gilles, Carrie Ann, and Bruno gave them nines and Len a 10 for a total of 37. Her overall score was 64.

Jennifer & Derek

Handed another Tango — with the memory of her last tremendous Argentine Tango fresh in our minds — à la Drew Lachey to the strains of “Shut Up” by the Black Eyed Peas. Jennifer said that her body was tired and injured, so her doctor told her she needed to pace herself. She said that her body wasn’t what it was even a couple of weeks ago, but she was feeling frustrated and started crying because she wasn’t sure she could finish the competition.

But she proved herself wrong with that dance. Her lines were great, her chemistry with Derek were back and there were no apparent bumps in the road this week. It wasn’t the fantastic high-energy assault of her Argentine Tango of three weeks ago, but it was elegant, passionate and the tightest performance she’s turned in since then.

Carrie Ann said Jennifer has “blown the doors off.” Len said it had “tension, passion, attack.” Drew said her musicality was amazing, her lines “were beautiful” and she has a great partner she trusts. Bruno said it was “like a phoenix rising from her own ashes more splendid than ever.”

Drew gave them a 10 and the other judges gave them all nines, for a total of 37. Her overall score was 64.

11.2.2010 / 07:47 AM EDT by Megan Carpentier
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