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Grey's Anatomy

What Does Jessica Capshaw Think Of Her Storyline?

Shonda Rhimes and the other masterminds behind Grey's are shipping Callie and Arizona off to Africa to explain Jessica Caphaw's maternity leave, but what does Jessica think of the rollercoaster Calzona is about to go through? "I think it's right for them in that moment," Capshaw says. "It's the natural evolution of where they're headed. But I think that comes with a lot. I mean, it's a big decision." Oh, sure. It's totally the natural evolution of a couple to move to a third world country together. But why all the drama to begin with? Jessica says it's all for the best. "As you all know, what heats up must cool down!" she said. "It's not for nothing that [creator Shonda Rhimes] has to keep things going up and then going down. No one tunes in to see domestic bliss."

Capshaw added, "[I think] there will be something that unsettles their world — and then hopefully they come back to each other again." Well, Shonda already promised that this wouldn't be the end of Calzona, so obviously their African adventure won't break them up, but we're sure setting up all that mosquito netting will cause some the two some stress.

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11.2.2010 / 08:33 PM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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