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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Brings Kurt Warner and His Family Closer Together

Kurt Warner has been a surprise on Dancing with the Stars, but the family man says despite being away from his kids and wife, the experience has still brought his family together. Though maybe his wife would actually prefer to be the one dancing.

"He'll get up and kiss me goodbye and say I'm going to go dance for seven hours and I'm like I'm watching six kids for seven hours and we both probably wish it was switched," Warner's wife Brenda said.

"When I'm cooking I'll say stomp and he'll do a patada to me and I'm like oh I like that, so you just have fun with it. The kids are enjoying it, they finally want to watch something that he does so it brings the family together," Warner adds.

Ironically, it was a dance that brought Kurt and Brenda together in the very beginning.

"Well, we met two-stepping at a country bar, but that's not really ballroom dancing at all you count to four basically. So this is all different. I knew he had rhythm, but this is so different," Warner says.

"Yeah, I get nervous because I can see on his face that he's doing something out of his comfort zone," says Brenda. "The nervous during the football time was he's going to be hit, that made me nervous, but now it's just seeing that fear in his eyes, but I kind of like it cause now he knows what the rest of us do all the time where we're normal and have to work towards something. It doesn't just come naturally, so that sort of evens the score a little bit."

Brenda doesn't appreciate the harsh words the judges have, but she takes it all in stride. "It's kind of like referees or head coaches in the past, I try and think alright this is part of it, I'm not going to live in anger or not like them and just realize it's a TV show."

Will Kurt bring the title home to his family though? "I think he wants to win, but if he doesn't life will go on I'll put it that way."

Source: KSDK

11.3.2010 / 04:51 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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