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Dancing With The Stars

Top 5 “Oh, Snap!” Moments: DWTS Season 11, Week 7

Looks like we're not the only ones still crushing on Maksim Chmerkovskiy after last week's tight pleather pants. Maks's former Enemy #1, Len Goodman, has turned around so fast it's making our heads spin. Let's revisit that bizarre twist and other memorable moments from Dancing with the Star's 200th Episode Performance Show:

5. Modesty shmodesty!

Aside from Emmitt Smith, this was not the week for past competitors to play down their accomplishments. Far from it. Kelly Osbourne — aka DWTS Barbie — told Bristol Palin she had big shoes to fill by reinterpreting her Viennese Waltz. As in, I'm awesome and it's going to take a lot to top me. On that note, Helio Castroneves complimented Cheryl Burke for being "very smart" and putting in a lot of his own dance moves in her Quickstep with Rick Fox. Helio: "I can't believe you stole that kiss, man. That was my kiss!" Tom Bergeron then asked "Is there a modesty censor on that seat at all?"

4. Kyle transforms into Maks ... and The Situation

Kyle Massey has to channel the hotness of Maks for his reinterpretation of Mel B's Season 5 Paso Doble. So he uses markers to draw abs on his own rather round tummy. "I'm ready to become Maks. Check out my Situation." He compliments Maks, sort of, comparing his suave movements to a flowing flag. And he completes the obsession by staring at himself in the mirror, talking about Maks. It's ... weird.

3. Len hearts Maks?

This is just bizarre. Len and Maks fight, as a rule. Last season Len loved to call Maks out on his choreography and lack of clothing. They survived SpankGate earlier in the season, where Len called Maks out on spanking Brandy. But in the past two weeks Len has really shown a lot of love for Maks. He called Maks his hero last week and this week — shock of shocks! — he gave Brandy & Maks a 10 for their reinterpreted Foxtrot. And he was the only one to give a 10. Not only that, he called out his fellow judges for pointing out Brandy's little mistake, due to her dress. Len: "I'm surprised at these people being so pedantic about a slight mistake when we've just witnessed the most fantastic Foxtrot." Somebody has Maks Fever!

2. Jennifer is falling apart at the seams

Jennifer needs breaks every two hours, per orders of her doctor, who reminds her she's not 25 anymore. She gets frustrated that her body isn't doing when she wants it to do. So she cries and needs more encouragement. She's not sure she can even finish the show ... and then she goes and nails her routine. It would be one thing if she were just older or just recovering from serious medical maladies, but she talks about both every single week and then almost always ends up at the top of the leader board. It's getting annoying. She knew what she was getting into and she seems to be handling it well, so stop dishing out so much drama before every routine.

1. Oops! Maks calls out Brooke on her flub

This is classic. At the end of his Foxtrot with Brandy, Maks goes into the Celebriquarium to talk to Brooke Burke. Brooke says Maks has been in the finals twice, does he think Brandy has what it takes to go all the way? Maks: "Actually I've been in the finals three times, thank you, Brooke." Ha! Brooke tries to recover by saying she won't forget if he makes it there again.

11.3.2010 / 05:12 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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