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Dancing With The Stars

Erin Andrews Says DWTS Made Her Trust Men

Each week, Erin Andrews talks about Dancing with the Stars with Movieline's Louis Virtel, and each week she continues to prove just how incredible she really is. Erin was in attendance at the 200th episode this week and she was positively thrilled.

"It was really a great time," Erin said. "A lot of the former stars I’d never met before [were there], and so it’s funny because, in my eyes, a lot of them are big-time. With me, I kind of duck my head a little bit and walk by them because I’m like, 'I don’t think any of these people know who I am.' But a lot of them came up to Evan [Lysacek] and I and said, 'Oh, we loved you on the show! You guys are great!'" Erin also pulled back the curtain to reveal that the reunion even included a little shindig. "Afterward we went to this big party, and all they did was play music and everybody was dancing. It was just a blast. It was how you’d think a Dancing with the Stars party would go, if you thought there’d be one — minus the rhinestones, the sequins, and the spray tan."

As for the current show, Erin is still surprised that Bristol Palin has lasted this long, but thinks that might have to do with her underdog status. Or maybe it's political. "Someone mentioned to me, 'I guess all the Republicans are voting for her.' Has this become a political thing? I’m not sure what America’s take is. Maybe they’re looking at her like a Kelly Osbourne. Kelly was so endearing to everyone, and she had this total transformation and America loved it. I can see why. She was so easy to cheer for. Maybe that’s the stance that America is taking."

In talking about herself, Erin revealed that being a part of Dancing with the Stars was a huge boost to her personal life, too. "With me, it taught me to trust men, which I wasn’t ready to do in my life because of everything I went through. I had [Maks] help guide me on how to make these insecurities a strength. It’s the most vulnerable you'll be. [...] The show takes you to another journey you never thought you'd be on. So it’s funny, you do the show, you party, but then it ends up being a group therapy session and you talk about how it changed your life. It’s kind of creepy! You think the show is just having so much fun, and putting on spray tan and crazy costumes, but for a lot of people that use it the right way, it is therapeutic."

Source: Movieline


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11.4.2010 / 02:35 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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