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America's Next Top Model

Recap of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 15, Episode 9: Margherita Missoni

The House That Tyra Built

Miss J takes the girls on a Three’s Company-esque bike ride to a bridge over very troubled water. He says this is the location for their next shoot, and they’ll be diving off the bridge. Everyone’s like, oh. Then, in the distance, a gondola! Then, in the distance, a voice! Guess who? Tyra yells, “We’re going to Venice, Italy! Ciao bellas!” And then, as mysteriously as she floated there, she floats away. Once in awhile, this show is magic. The models return to the house, and it looks as if they have exactly thirty seconds to pack before the flight. Upon landing in Venice, there’s a water taxi ride and an outdoor, wine-filled lunch, where Ann comes out of her shell. While they’re toasting their good fortune on the balcony of the magnificent Hotel Danieli, a bird leaves a nice little present on Liz’s arm — a gross thing everyone insists means good luck. Is it possible a Venetian bird just picked the winner? Chelsey hopes that’s not the case. She’s capital “O” Over Liz’s complaining and wants her to go. Really, she’s ready for it.

How Many Models Can You Fit in a Gondola?

The photo shoot is all about 18th century decadence. Three models pose on a gondola at once, each vying for Casanova’s attention. Mario the Model subs for Casanova, who couldn’t make it. There are corsets, messy hairdos and heart-shaped moles. Group one is Chris, Kayla and Liz. Chris is a bit awkward, and Mr. Jay reprimands her for putting her tongue down the model’s ear. Kayla is pretty awesome — soft and feminine, Jay says. Liz thinks it’s hot out. Group two is Ann, Chelsey and Jane. Chelsey performs well and thinks she has the most drive, but Jane is the stand out here. She mentioned before the shoot that her European history studies would give her an edge, which didn’t make much sense to us at the time, but we see now that maybe she was right. Ann, much to Chelsey’s delight, loses confidence during the shoot. It begins to rain so we really “get it.” Once it’s all over, Mr. Jay sends them to Milan. Liz thinks of Mulan.

Missoni and Heat Stroke

The models arrive at the Milan house. They’re disappointed it’s not palatial. Tyra sneaks up on them from behind, and they scream, because that’s scary. She explains that picked this perfectly lovely house we’d happily live in any day to show them what real struggle is. Her first apartment in Italy had one bathroom in the hall that everyone on the floor had to share. So, it was like any college dorm. From there, it’s off to Missoni headquarters where the girls model the line’s winter wear for creative director Angela Missoni and her brand ambassador/designer daughter, Margherita. There are lots of (stunning) heavy knits and turtlenecks, which prove uncomfortable in the stifling heat. The good news is, they get to wear the outfits to panel, as well.

The Firing Squad

In a room made of the color red, the judges make their first international decision, and the girls nearly pass out from the heat. Tyra allows everyone to sit for judging, so long as they sit fiercely. The panel is split on Jane’s wind-swept hair in the photo, but Tyra loves it. Chelsey fares well even though she’s not looking at the camera in her shot. Ann delivers despite her discomfort during the shoot, but Tyra points out the lack of consistency in her film. Chris doesn’t look enough like the 18th century in her photo for their tastes. Guest judge Margherita Missoni finds Liz’s out-of-focus photo to be a bit vulgar since her skirt is up pretty high. They all think Kayla is Casanova’s number one mistress.

Call-out Order

Kayla wins best girl in a group photo. Then it’s Jane, Chelsey and Ann. Ann gets a warning that she’s slipping. Chris and Liz are the bottom two.


Liz. Tyra tells her that her modeling career isn’t over, and that she should not get a weave.

11.4.2010 / 08:36 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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