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America's Next Top Model

Liz Williams Spills on ANTM Deceptive Editing, Being Pooped On

Over the years on ANTM, we've seen our fair share of young mothers, androgynous ladies, muscular models, and complainers, but until now, we hadn't seen one model who could roll it all up into one Top Model Taco to be the perfect reality show scene-stealer. Enter Liz. While Ann was off being awkward in the corner and Chelsey was somewhere studying her designer dictionary of haute couture, the cameras were all on Liz, as she complained about everything from bird doody to not being the most beautiful Grammy trophy-holder in the world. We chatted with the faux-hawked Texan about being falsely portrayed as a whiner, the real reason why she got drunk, and how much the editing of the show brought her down.

How did you feel about being in the bottom two with Chris?
I definitely knew it was coming. I was ready.

Why did you think it was coming?
Because that photo was just awful. You can always sense who's gonna go just by how the judges look at you during panel.

How long were you in deliberation in that heat?
Probably two hours if not more. It was long. On TV it's like three seconds.

You were the only one who took off your clothes to cool down.
Oh my god, it was hot. Those girls were trying to hang in there and collapse. I wasn't trying to do that.
The camera men had seen me a few times before so I wasn't worried.

Did anyone pass out from the heat off camera?
I actually ended up running backstage and almost throwing up. But that was of course edited out. Then Chelsey collapsed, so we all had to sit down after that one. It was too hot.

What did you think about the scene where a random Italian bird pooped on your arm?
That was not expected at all. We were trying to do our toast with the champagne and it was seagull galore and one decided to swarm and poop on me.

Were you upset about what Chelsey said about you being annoying and complaining too much?
Oh, man, yeah. Chelsey trying to be my best friend on the show but she was really talking about me. I did not talk about any of those girls but Kacey. It's not like we were soul mates or best friends, it's reality TV. It's all good, though. I got plenty of friends at home. I was just like, "Wow, Chelsey was not digging me."

Were you close with Chelsey?
Honestly, the only person I was really close with on the show was Chris. I see her and contact her all the time, but you're there to make the best for yourself so you really can't worry about what everyone else has going on and what they'll say about you because when it comes down to it, it's her opinion against all of America, it's a big difference. It was just a big shock watching it with my family.

What were some other shocking moments from the girls' interviews throughout the show?
Really there weren't any because I probably thought the same thing. Just the way I was edited and everything on TV, I would've thought the same thing about me if I didn't know me and I was watching it. It's crazy to see how things can be edited and what gets put where and how stuff is changed around a little bit to look how it should. It's pretty crazy to be there and then see it portrayed completely differently.

What was edited strangely?

Things out of order. Things would happen two weeks ago but they'd show it on a different episode and make it look like it happened that week when it was really flip-flopped and stuff like that. Or like I had emotions one day and they show that emotion for a completely different reaction on a different day when it's not why I did this or did that. But when you sign to say "Hey, I'm ready to be on this show," you can't really think after that. It was fun, it was definitely worth it. I think it's really going to benefit me in the future. I'm ready to see what's going to happen in the next couple months.

What did you think of your drunk scene?
That. was. hilarious! That was funny. That, too, was edited because I'm not the only one who was 21 in that house and if you look at the footage, I was pouring three drinks. Me, Chelsey — Kendal got tipsy — but me and Chelsey were drunk laughing it up. But it doesn't look anything like that when you see it on TV. It was pretty funny. They put it on the wrong night. They put it to make it look like it was after the Grammy studio but if you notice, I keep going in and out of makeup and my outfit keeps changing, so it wasn't footage from that same event. It was from two weeks prior just having fun. But you just take it as it is and we gave them the footage, so they get to use it however they want to make it look. I drink when I get the opportunity. I did just turn 21 this year, so I am going to take advantage. When you come back home and you're working and you got your daughter and your stepdaughter and school, it was nice to be able to be in another state away from all the stress and the work and just have a drink.

What do you think was your most embarrassing moment on the show?
In general it looks like I constantly do nothing but complain. It just didn't do me justice 'cause that's not how it is in the real world and I have been telling everybody, if i honestly complained and made that many excuses, I would not have three jobs and be taking care of my family right now because you can't get very far if that's all you do. Being an assistant manager and other things, that's not how you act in real life. You're not going to get anywhere, you're going to get fired. I didn't like that's how I was portrayed and how I was edited, but I have more than enough time to give people a different idea and a different perspective about who I am and I have a personality and I'm crazy all in one package, for sure.

Are you going to go against Tyra's advice and get another weave?
That's so funny you asked because Halloween just passed and I was a dirty cop and I've got a weave in my hair right now that I put in. It's glued and comes out with water, so my real hair is actually still two inches short, a little faux hawk. I go back and forth all the time just because I can. With short hair you can switch it up however you want to. I'm defintely gonna keep it short, everyone in my family's like, "Don't grow it out!" I didn't realize that when your hair is that short the maintenance is actually more than just putting it in a ponytail. You gotta cut it and edge it and me being half-black, my hair is super curly. I gotta relax it constantly because it grows like crazy. That's the only thing is maintenance. One of these days when I'm rich and can afford it I will definitely maintain it.

Who are you rooting for now?
Definitely Chris and Ann from Texas. I think Kayla has a lot of potential also. Those are my top three right there.

Who do you think will win?
Probably Ann. She has "best photo" every time just about. As long as she's from Texas, I'm proud.

Are you going to keep modeling?
I am. I want to do something with fitness, Shape Magazine, who knows. I have so many goals, I just don't know which to knock out first.


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