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The Bachelor

Spoiled Bachelor “Princess” Erica Rose Goes on Dr. Phil

Bratty, tiara-clad Erica Rose — of The Bachelor: Rome fame — is 27 years old, but her parents still pay her rent and bills and give her pocket money. "I spend most of my allowance maintaining my appearance," Erica told Dr. Phil on his recent "Spoiled and Entitled" episode, "which includes everything from hair extensions to getting Botox, lip injections, eyelash extensions, nails. I'm not really sure how much it would cost to be me. I don't pay my bills, so I don't know."

Erica's mother, Cindi, wants her to stop trying to be a reality TV star and focus on her law school degree. "She was invited to The Situation's birthday party in Las Vegas — things that would distract her from law school and make her think she's a reality star. I don't want her to be my situation," Cindi says. "I would love if Dr. Phil would get on bandwagon 'Erica finish law school,' and [convince her] not trying to pursue reality TV."

To be honest, Erica Rose was one of the only entertaining things about Lorenzo Borghese's 2006 season of The Bachelor. She was the original Vienna Girardi — a spoiled princess used to the good life, always in the company of her precious tiaras. This past summer, Erica was one of the "spoilistas" on the VH1 show You're Cut Off! And this week she was one of two "Spoiled and Entitled" 20somethings who agreed to talk with Dr. Phil.

Get a load of the following exchange:

"I definitely grew up wealthy and privileged," the Houston resident said. "I think everyone’s surprised that I'm in law school. I aspire to be kind of like the legally blonde equivalent of Kim Kardashian. I don't really want to be a lawyer, unless it's one on TV like Nancy Grace. I do have a trust fund, but it's definitely not enough to sustain me for the rest of my life at the lifestyle that I'm accustomed to. My question for Dr. Phil is: Why is it a problem for my parents to support me and spoil me if they're in a financial position to do so?"

"You say it costs a minimum of 10 grand [a month] to be you?" Dr. Phil asked.

"I think so, but I'm not sure," Erica said.

"My daughter is not spoiled rotten. My daughter is spoiled ripe," Cindi said. "I want Erica to be herself, not the person with the bleached-blonde hair, and the eyelashes and the tan. She's been spending too much time trying to be a reality star. I want her to be more substantial than just the camera flashing."

"You think that reality TV would be a bad idea for her," Dr. Phil said to Cindi.

"I think that what she's done with reality TV is OK, as long as it doesn't sidetrack her from the end goal, which is a higher education," Cindi responded. "I supported myself completely when I was her age, and I want her to feel independent."

Read the full show recap here.

Source: Dr. Phil

11.5.2010 / 09:20 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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