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Grey's Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo Discusses Sixth Toe Scandal On Jimmy Kimmel

Lots of people have speculated over the rumor that Ellen Pompeo has six toes on one or possibly both feet. A paparazzi photo of her wearing sandals does seem to show a sixth little piggy on her right foot, and she doesn't really say much to deny it on her Jimmy Kimmel appearance when the host pulled up the picture. Cackling her best (and most annoying) fake laugh the whole interview, she tried to play along, and even admitted when she saw the picture, "Wait, it really DOES look like I have six toes! Look at that! It's crazy! That is really strange."

Yeah, it is really strange...maybe because you do? Apparently, Pompeo's sister had a hand in spreading the rumor, as well. When she saw the tabloid story in Greece, she immediately hit the web. Says Pompeo, "She thought it was hilarious to go online and comment...'Well, I know Ellen personally, and she only has six toes on one foot.' And I said, 'Oh you're so funny. That is just hilarious. I bet you that won't make it over here at all.' And, 48 hours later, I got an e-mail..."

Yep, scandal skips the pond quite quickly, Ellen. Jimmy tried to check her footsies out in the interview, but Ellen had on some weird fishnetted high heel get up, so he couldn't make her toes out very clearly. Pompeo quickly suggested they go do the inspection in private, which elicited lots of catcalls from the audience and quickly diverted the subject. Allow us to reiterate: she never actually denied having six toes, and seemed pretty eager to dodge the subject. Very suspicious, Ellen...

Source: TV Squad

11.6.2010 / 12:36 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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