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The Vampire Diaries

Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into: The Week’s Hottest Links, October 30 – November 4

If you accidentally skipped past some of our killer coverage this week (it's okay, we still love you), here's your chance to hit rewind. Check out our spookiest, craziest, and most scintillating stories from the week.

Credit: Kenneth Willardt    

10. Vampire Diaries Stars: Separated at Birth: Since doppelgangers are such a huge theme on TVD lately, we thought this gallery would be very apropos.

9. Taylor Kinney: Actor, Model, Heartthrob: Seriously. He’s so hot he just needs to come back to the show rightnow.

8. Katerina Graham: Behind the Scenes Photos of Nelly’s “Just a Dream” Kat looks lovely in these behind the scenes photos. Check ‘em out!

7. Nina Dobrev: “Eternally Stylish” Even though summertime is long gone, you can still warm up by looking at these hot pics of Nina.

6. Behind the Scenes Photos of Episode 2.7, “Masquerade See how the gang from Mystic Falls prepares for their fang-tastic roles.

5. Poll: Do You Want Stefan and Elena to Get Back Together? Most of you seem to favor “Delena”... Vote to save “Stelena” here!

4. A Vampire Diaries Halloween: The cast of TVD BETTER know how to dress up for Halloween! We mean, they are on a show about werewolves, vampires, and witches, after all.

3. Damon and Elena Moments: This one’s for the “Delena” fans! You’re welcome.

2. Sneak Peek at Vampire Diaries Episode 2.8, “Rose” It’s not really a sneak peek anymore, but the photos sure are good. Relive Episode 2.8 here!

1. Ian Somerhalder: Young Male Model: We feel dizzy. And we might be blacking out. Where are we?

11.6.2010 / 06:23 AM EDT by Heidi Suke
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