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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Beverly Hills Housewives Share Their Plastic Surgery Secrets

Being a rich Beverly Hills housewife takes regular maintenance, in case you haven’t noticed the occasional frozen facial expression on the show. Lucky for us, the ladies are being pretty candid about what they have had done to their bodies.

Adrienne Maloof confessed to Botox, fillers, breast work and a nose job. Her husband is a plastic surgeon, though, so she’s probably comfortable with the topic. Also, it’s good for business. She’s a walking, talking business card! Taylor Armstrong is adamant that she was “scary” before all her plastic surgery. We’ll take her word for it.

Lisa Vanderpump tried to play coy about the subject. “I plead the fifth,” she said… then later added that she had “a bucket of Botox” in her face. Ha! Camille Grammer also admitted to plenty of Botox. A “crock,” in fact. She also stated the obvious – she has breast implants!

Kim Richards, who is easily the most down-to-Earth housewife on the show, says she had breast implants, but then later removed them. Kyle Richards thinks Kim needs some more work, though. “Well, according to my sister, Kyle, I need a nose job, Botox and a mini-tuck.”

Oh, Kyle, you are making Kim look like an abused Cinderella over there. Leave the poor woman alone! What has Kyle had done, you ask? She admits to a nose job and that’s it. Yeah, sure!

Source: Radar Online