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Dancing With The Stars

Kurt Warner Is Dumbfounded Over Purpose of Insta-Dance Week

Now that Rick Fox has been eliminated, former NFL star Kurt Warner is the only athlete remaining on Dancing with the Stars. And though he knows that he isn't necessarily the best dancer, that doesn't mean he can't win.

"Talking to some of the people who came back for the 200th show — like Emmitt [Smith] was saying, 'I wasn't the best dancer, but I won.' Jennifer [Grey] and Brandy have obviously separated themselves from a dancing perspective. For the other three of us, it's about continuing to improve and entertain people every week. It's not going to be 'Who's the best dancer?' We're not going to be better dancers than Jennifer and Brandy. I think the three of us are focused on having fun, improving and bringing out our personalities."

To that end, Kurt says Dancing with the Stars has been a blessing, in that it has allowed people to see the real him. "With the dancing — whatever happens happens. I wanted to show a different side of me, what I stand for. A lot of that has to do with our foundation [First Things First]. I think the show encourages people to learn more about you. It's been great. They see me enjoying life. Some are seeing me from a faith perspective. We [want to show] you can do the show in a particular way and still stand for what you believe in. I'm hoping people will see me more in the hopes of getting them to help out others through our foundation or other endeavors. We've got some children's apps we're coming out with through our foundation. We did a couple of DVDs a few years ago called The Good Sports Game. It's a fun way to reach out to parents and kids."

As for tonight, which will include an impromptu performance using music that the stars will get at the top of the episode, Kurt doesn't seem too pleased. "I guess, being the celebrity, I don't really understand why. It's hard enough to learn two dances — well, it's hard learning one — but to learn two different kinds and to throw this wrench into it, I don't understand the purpose," Kurt said. "For me, it's so hard to hear the music because I've never done that before. Maybe it'll be an advantage because I don't hear the music anyway, or maybe it's going to be harder since I usually pick up some of the timing by hearing music during the week. I'm just kind of dumbfounded of what the purpose is. It's just like, 'We're going to try to freak them out at the last minute.'" We agree, Kurt. But we also cannot wait to see everyone stumble...

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