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Jersey Shore

10 Bold Predictions for Season 3 of Jersey Shore

The season ended, they had the reunion and now it’s all over. Right? Not for us! That’s right, we’re already turning our attention to Season 3, where everyone’s favorite gorillas and guidettes make their triumphant return to Seaside Heights, NJ, where all the magic first started. What’s going to go down next season? Well, here are some of our wild guesses.

1. New cast member Deena brings home more guys than Angelina could ever have managed.

2. Snooki and Jenni write another anonymous letter, but then put their names on it by mistake.

3. The Situation gets tricked by another tranny. Eight times.

4. Angelina makes another surprise return but leaves immediately. No one cares.

5. Vinny and Pauly decide to take their bromance to the next level and get married in Vermont.

6. M.V.P. becomes S.V.P. after Mike legally changes his name to “The Situation.” S.V.P. does not last long.

7. Pauly spends all his time just staring out a window, waiting for a cab to appear, so he can yell “CABS ARE HEEREE!!” as much as possible.

8. Ron screws around behind Sam’s back, and Sammi actually gets mad.

9. Snooki and Vinny hook up again. Well, at least they try to.

10. JWOWW’s boobs are given the Key to the City by the mayor of Seaside Heights.

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11.10.2010 / 12:31 AM EDT by Rich Piepho
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