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Grey's Anatomy

2011 People’s Choice Award Nominees: Wetpaint Faves Represent

Glee: 5 nominations

Category: Favorite Comedy; Comedy Actor (Matthew Morrison), Comedy Actress (Jane Lynch); TV Guest Star (Britney Spears, Neil Patrick Harris)

The Lowdown: Nothing, we predict, absolutely nothing can stop the singing, dancing juggernaut that is Glee in the TV Comedy field, despite strong opposition from Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. And Jane Lynch can go ahead and write her acceptance speech right now, the clear Comedy Actress fave over Alyson Hannigan, Courteney Cox, Eva Longoria Parker, and even Tina Fey. Among Comedy Actors, though, Matthew Morrison may glide by Steve Carell and Neil Patrick Harris, but his dancing shoes could get stepped on by Alec Baldwin or Jim Parsons. And among the TV Guest Stars, it’d take a lot of Britney Spears or Harris fans to trump their competition: It’s Betty White, bitch.

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Pretty Little Liars: 1 nomination

Category: Favorite TV Obsession

The Lowdown: It seems a tad mismatched, pitting our pretty little liars against a snarky serial killer (Dexter), blood-drenched naked vampires (True Blood) and a couple of shows that apparently millions watch but no one talks ever talks about (White Collar, Burn Notice). PLL voters are going to need to show just how obsessive they really are.

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Hellcats: 1 nomination
Nikita: 1 nomination

Category: Favorite New TV Drama

The Lowdown: Listen up, Nikita and Hellcats fans — this is your chance to really put your favorite shows on the map. Unlike the majority of categories, voting for Favorite New TV Drama is open all the way until the night of the ceremony. It’s a much bigger field of nominees, but both of these series have really strong chances against Blue Bloods, Chase, The Defenders, The Event, Law & Order: Los Angeles and the likely show to beat, Hawaii 5-O.

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Gossip Girl: 3 nominations

Category: Favorite Drama; Drama Actor (Chace Crawford); Drama Actress (Blake Lively)

The Lowdown: A great showing for Gossip Girl in the Drama category, but the furtive whispers favor either comeback kid Grey’s or the slightly older-skewing potboiler The Good Wife. Similarly, the young and beguiling Blake Lively’s Drama Actress odds look rough with the more seasoned hands of TV faves Julianna Margulies and Sandra Oh. Bad boy Chace Crawford is a genuine dark horse among the Drama Actors — he doesn’t even have the title of hottest nominee completely in the bag.

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Jersey Shore: 1 nomination
Real Housewives of New Jersey: 1 nomination

Category: Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure

The Lowdown: To the competitors (Kathy Griffin: Life On the D List, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and Tosh.O) we say “Fuggettaboudit!” This category’s winner will be Jerseylicious one way or another — but which show to pick?? We gotta go with some GTL at the PCAs and predict Jersey Shore, but we’re hoping the Housewives show up and indulge in some angry table-flipping if they’re shut out.

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Dancing With the Stars: 1 nomination

Category: Favorite Reality Competition

The Lowdown: DWTS was glitzier, more fun, more talked about and occasionally even higher rated that perennial frontrunner American Idol in the past year, so it’ll be one of the most nail-biting elimination ceremonies ever (sorry, America’s Got Talent, Hell’s Kitchen, and So You Think You Can Dance, but it’s all about these two contenders).

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We love our movies and our music, but when it comes to the People’s Choice Awards 2011 nominations, here at Wetpaint it’s clearly all about TV. And Nov. 9 was a good day indeed for a lot of the shows and stars we’re obsessed with.

The nominees list was filled with some expected contenders (Glee, The Vampire Diaries, and Gossip Girl), surprise comebacks (you go, Grey’s Anatomy!), newbie breakouts (high kicks for Nikita and Hellcats) and even some shocking snubs (could even Castle and Beckett solve the mystery of why they weren’t nominated for Favorite TV Crimefighter?).

Before we break down the tallies for our Wetpaint favorites, keep in mind that this is one set of awards that isn’t handed out by some stuffy critics board or that timeworn “group of peers” – this is a good, old-fashioned popularity contest, and it’s up to the FANS to decide who takes home the trophies. So if you want to make sure your particular obsession walks away with the crystalline bragging rights on Jan. 5, voting starts today right here and continues through Dec. 7.

The Breakdown:
Here’s how the Wetpaint crowd fared overall:

Grey’s Anatomy: 7 nominations

Category: Favorite Drama; Drama Actor (Patrick Dempsey); Drama Actress (Sandra Oh); TV Guest Star (Demi Lovato); Favorite TV Doctor (Dempsey, Oh, Ellen Pompeo)

The Lowdown: Grey’s might have looked like it was ready for life support no so long ago, but after a creative transfusion, its vital signs are stronger than ever with the most nominations for ANY TV show this year. In the drama series race, it’s got a very positive prognosis vying against The Good Wife, Gossip Girl, House, and The Vampire Diaries as the most pop culturally all-pervasive series of the bunch. Among Drama Actors in the category, Dempsey’s chances aren’t as McDreamy, with extremely fierce competition from high-profile hotties Chace Crawford, Ian Somerhalder, the always underestimated Taye Diggs and champion trophy collector Hugh Laurie; while Oh’s got some seriously – seriously! – tough acts to beat in the Drama Actress category when it comes to Julianna Margulies and Blake Lively, less so from Kate Walsh and Lisa Edelstein. And the Seattle Grace docs may be digging their own holes in the newly added Favorite TV Doctor category, potentially splitting the vote among their fans because of their three noms (Dempsey, Oh, Pompeo) to open up the field for House’s Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard. While we're excited that Demi Lovato got a nod during her tough time, we feel for Mandy Moore's Grey's snub (she was on more than once! and during the shooting episode!). But sadly, Demi's fan base might not be able to save her from an even bigger “It” girl: Betty White.

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The Vampire Diaries: 3 nominations

Category: Favorite Drama; Drama Actor (Ian Somerhalder); Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy series

The Lowdown: Plenty of vampires will take home trophies at the PCAs, but they’ll more likely be of the sparkly Twilight variety — though we’d love to see Ian Somerhalder sink his teeth into a win in his competitive Drama Actor field. What we can’t predict, though, is exactly which fang-fest will drive a stake through the heart of the other when TVD and True Blood smackdown for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show.

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