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Wetpaint Exclusive! Harry, Kevin, and Jenna Dish on Glee Season 2, Episode 6: “Never Been Kissed”

Ushkowitz says to expect a little taste of the evolving dynamics on her side of the equation tonight, too. “You’ll definitely see Mike Chang and Tina a little bit more,” she promised. “There’s a little bit more passion in their relationship now. And then further in, they go through their trials and tribulations, like Artie and Tina did in theirs. So you definitely get to see more ups and downs.”

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Kevin is also reveling in the oddball pairings that have occurred thus far this season. “That’s what I really love. They’ve been combining all these different pairs like me and Heather or me and Mark. It’s been really, really fun. I just hope they keep doing that and continue to switch things up.”

With Artie having given it up to Brittany and then stomping on her heart a little bit, the romantic quadrangle between the ex-couple and Tina and Mike Chang may be heating up in upcoming episodes. “You gotta watch tonight’s episode,” says a coy McHale, who adds that in their initial hookup, “for the first time you saw Brittany have some sort of emotion, which I think said a lot. And I don’t know if Artie realizes that so we’ll see if he does.”

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

Wetpaint has a little kiss-and-tell about tonight’s Episode 2.6, “Never Been Kissed” — sweetened with some extra sugar straight from the lips of stars Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz, and Harry Shum, Jr.

We already know that the increasingly edgy Kurt (Chris Colfer) may — or may not — finally find his long-awaited match in the form of rival glee club singer Blaine (Darren Criss). We can also expect to see a second year of boys vs. girls competition within New Directions in which there will be some major mashups, including a Bon Jovi/Rolling Stones blend by the leather-clad girls. But there’s oh-so-much more happening tonight! You ready, Gleeks?! Here’s the scoop:

— We’ll be seeing a whole new side of one McKinley faculty member — and we mean that both figuratively and literally.

— First, we meet The Warblers, the show choir from Blaine’s all-boys academy. We also get a seriously tantalizing tease about another of New Directions’ Sectionals competitors. (Is anyone else thinking Charice?)

— Cheerio confetti cannons. Plural. (We’re just as lost as you on this one...)

— Along with the romantic possibilities brewing for Kurt, there’s also a budding bromance as Artie and fresh-outta-juvie Puck become unlikely co-conspirators. Kevin explains: “You see a whole different side of Artie. I got to do a Bob Marley thing! And to do it with Mark was really cool. It’s really fun. We do it outside, just the two of us in front of like all these random people in the cafeteria.”

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