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America's Next Top Model

Recap of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 15, Episode 10: “Kyle Hagler”

The House Tyra Rented: Chris tells Kayla she hopes there’s a double elimination, because why not just get this over with already? As a result, Kayla feels Chris doesn’t take the competition seriously. Meanwhile, Jane talks with her mom, who is checking Tyra’s Facebook page to figure out where her daughter is. That’s awesome. The girls put together their portfolios, because, oh yes, it’s time for go-sees.

"You’re Not Going to Get Lost, I Hope":
The models visit IMG Milano where Tyra gives them tips on their portfolios. Somehow, this leads to an imitation of the panel process with Chelsey as Andre and Chris as Tyra. Though they neither look nor sound anything like them, the performances are eerily convincing. Anyway, it’s time for “go and sees” (we like this better). They have four appointments, four hours, and must be back by 6:30 p.m. Public transportation or walking only, so no one better even think about renting a car! Oh, and by the way? Versace is one of the stops.

Chris and Jane pair off, as do Chelsey and Kayla. Kayla makes a remark about Ann tagging along with them, which makes us sort of sad. Chris and Jane make it to Versace first, followed by the other three. Versace guy Angelo’s opinions? Jane is fresh, but needs to work on her walk. Chris looks like she’s from the eighties. Chelsey’s look is two seasons ago. Kayla is editorial, but no good for shows. Ann cannot walk, but she is perfect, perfect, perfect. He would book her for print work and for shows. After Versace, Jane and Chris continue navigate Milan together, but end up returning to IMG before seeing anyone else. Despite giving themselves an hour and a half to stroll back, Chris hurts her foot during the walk. Chelsey makes it to a second stop — Global Casting — and does well. She also makes it back to IMG in time. Kayla and Ann make no other stops, arrive late and are disqualified. It’s now between Chelsey, Jane and Chris. Not surprisingly, Chelsey wins. The prize is a pretty stellar Versace jacket. Kayla assures her it’s not a fake one.

And Then the Statues Started Moving: The models meet Nigel and Mr. Jay at a beautiful villa on Lake Como. They are posing as statues (head-to-toe grayish makeup) coming to life for the love of a sculptor, played by a male model good looking enough to potentially have this effect on actual statues. Jane struggles with her movement — “I want you to model!” Nigel yells – and breaks down when the shoots finishes. She becomes a crying statue. Not to make light of it, but too bad Nigel’s not still shooting, huh? Kayla, Ann and Chelsey are all amazing, brilliant, beautiful — all the good adjectives. Mr. Jay is beside himself with delight. Chris does well at the beginning, but Nigel feels she checked out by the end.

The Firing Squad: Nigel thinks Kayla’s poses were stunning. Tyra feels Chelsey looks like a beautiful woman, not a model, and Andre wishes her neck had been more elongated. Chris looks sleepy in her photos. Tyra says Versace would book Ann and pulls up an absolutely stunning photo of her as a statue, but then all they talk about is how her personality is lacking. Jane cries again when Nigel brings up how she cried earlier, because she feels like she has a personality, but it’s just not coming out right. Tyra and IMG executive Kyle Hagler take the girls to task for not making it to more of the go-sees. During their deliberation, Tyra asks Kyle how long he thinks it would take Jane to completely come out of her shell. Like two weeks? This is winding down, you know. He’s like, no. No, not two weeks.

Call-out Order: Kayla wins. Then it’s Chelsey (who takes second mainly for her knowledge of the fashion world, it seems) and Ann (who takes third for personality issues). Jane and Chris are the bottom two.

Arrivederci!: Chris. After bemoaning Jane’s lack of personality (the same gripe they had with Ann), she’s safe, because the judges feel Chris should go and get her own TV show since she has so much personality. So don't be surprised if Chris lands her own sitcom.

11.11.2010 / 08:47 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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