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Angelina’s Rap Song Leaks, She Says It Sucks

Yeah, we had no idea Angelina's first single, "I'm Hot" would be a rap song, either. But, a clip of the tune has leaked, and it's not really the dance-y club jam we all expected. It's actually not even particularly auto-tuned (not that she ever "sings"). On first listen, she sort of sounds a little like Ke$ha, which isn't an entirely bad critique, but after 30 seconds of painfully simple rhyming lyrics, the song just drones on and on mercilessly and monotonously. We actually found ourselves pounding our heads against the wall in time with her heinous beats.

Plus, the dude she duets with (presumably, producer Andy Stein?), who does the actual singing, sounds like Weird Al. No one is grinding in the clubs to Weird Al. And Angelina knows the song is a disaster. She says, "This song was supposed to be a catchy and playful song! I didn't wanna release the song because truthfully I think the song needed a lot more work! In blunt terms it sucked!" Hmm, perhaps that's the real reason for the delay on the release, not all the contractual brouhaha.

Save the space on your iPods, kids. This one's not worth it, not even as a guilty pleasure.

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Listen to Angelina's Rap Song!

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