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Grey's Anatomy

Recap of Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 8: “Something’s Gotta Give”

Everyone quiet down — the show's starting! Cristina is sitting on the floor at her new place surrounded by boxes, looking just as mopey as we do when faced with the task of unpacking. Callie visits and Cristina dodges her questions and instead tells Callie to make lemonade from her breakup-sized lemon. She even goes so far as to chop off a lock of Callie's hair at Callie's slightest mention of wanting a new 'do. Callie lets her continue but is horrified by the results, so she dons her Wool Cap of Shame and goes with Cristina to the mall. Also during this time, Callie convinces Cristina to throw a housewarming party, which Cristina thinks is a smashing idea. At the mall, Cristina hones in on a furniture store, and she buys a whole freakin' room display for her place. Only then does Callie get her professional haircut. Callie asks for something "dangerous" and receives a pretty kickin' short, wispy style replete with blue streaks. In no time at all, Cristina's house is perfectly furnished and ready for the part-ay.

At the hospital, Teddy leads a presentation about Roy's heart transplant, but it's soon derailed by the news of Cristina's departure. Derek gets all up on Teddy's case about putting undue pressure on Cristina and all but blames her for wrecking Cristina's chances at recovery. Teddy is shocked but has little time to dwell on her bruised pride, because she's rushed into a hush-hush surgery by the State Department. Apparently a Middle Eastern leader (whose name we never managed to catch) was involved in a car accident on his way out of a secret meeting and now has a torn coronary artery. He's in critical condition, and if he dies, so too dies the chances of his country getting democratic elections, clearing the way for extremists to take power. But hey, Teddy, no pressure or anything. Just when Teddy, Meredith, Owen, and the Chief — the only docs who are allowed to operate on him, incidentally — think he's out of the woods, his assistant reveals that his boss also has an aneurysm. And yep, the docs find that said aneurysm burst in the accident. That means that Derek and Teddy have to operate on the guy simultaneously, which isn't ideal since the two of them are on the outs over the Cristina issue. But the surgery affords them an opportunity to talk it out and form a plan. Meredith wants to hold an intervention with Derek playing a key role since Derek also quit at one point, but Derek is against the idea and wants to give Cristina her space. In the end, everyone finally convinces him that it's the right idea. Or he seems to be convinced, at least.

Alex is having a bad day. (Insert obligatory Daniel Powter song here. Okay, now stop.) He's hungover and his car is having trouble. He arrives late for his first day on the service of the new Pediatrics Attending, Dr. Phil Stark (a.k.a. Ally McBeal dude). Stark takes an instant disliking to Alex and finds every excuse to berate him. But the breaking point comes when Stark steals Alex's idea of using a ping pong ball to facilitate a kid's liver transplant. April finds Alex after the surgery in the on-call room and sticks up for him, even saying that she'd talk to the Chief about the injustice. She's stroking Alex's ego, and Alex responds by making out with her... which quickly progresses to rushed foreplay. April is a little worried that her first time is going to be all wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, so she tries to get Alex to slow down. Alex yells at her for being too needy just like every one else in the hospital and then hightails it outta there, leaving April half-naked and confused in the on-call room.

Bailey is blocked from the lockdowned ward, so she has to take the Chief's patient: a woman named Ms. Cortez who recently had pancreatic surgery and has since developed a fistula. She has Jackson watch over the Ms. Cortez, but the lady crashes and burns while Bailey is busy with another surgery. Bailey tells Jackson to take her to an OR, open her up, and wait for Bailey to get there. Bailey runs from surgery to surgery but makes it just minutes too late — Jackson has already pronounced Ms. Cortez dead. He flips out on Bailey because he thinks he's going to get saddled with the blame. But Bailey actually praises his work when she talks to the Chief. She also wants to find out why 20% of the pancreatic-surgery patients they operate on present with fistulas later. She tells the Chief that she's had so many losses recently (namely, Cristina) that she just needs one win. The Chief approves her research idea, as dang well he should.

The surgery on the world leader is a big success, and the main State Department guy thanks Teddy very warmly. There's a spark or five between them, but Teddy lets him go, knowing that he can't acknowledge ever being there. Meanwhile, Derek shows up early to the housewarming party to warn Cristina of the impending intervention. Traitor! They flee to the roof for a drink. The party gets underway, and Callie gets drunk pretty quickly and asks Mark if she can move in with him. April arrives and starts bawling, so Jackson comforts her. When Alex gets there, Jackson opens a serious can of whoop-butt on him. The guy can definitely throw a punch. Meredith talks to Alex, and he reveals that he was in Iowa the past weekend tending to his family. His brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia just like his mom and even tried to kill his younger sister. He seems to feel some remorse for handling the situation so perfunctorily and rushing to get back to Seattle. Meanwhile, up on the roof, Derek and Cristina are having a very solemn conversation... about floor covering. Cristina considers going down to the party but opts to talk to Derek about the bathroom tile instead. The guy who criticized Teddy for not doing enough to keep Cristina is now doing nothing to get her back. How's the view from that high horse of yours, Derek?

11.12.2010 / 09:47 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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