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Jersey Shore

Situation Workout DVD Trailer Released

If, like us, you just can't wait for the November 23rd release of The Situation's workout DVD, the teaser video has been released. As expected, the word "situation" is mentioned approximately a hundred times in the minute-and-a-half trailer. "This video is no joke, no joke... the first video of its kind," boasts The Sitch as he does some arm curls. If by that, he means that no other workout video features the host blatantly objectifying the female assistant to the audience, then yes, it really is the first of it's kind. Totally progressive.

The video features five segments geared towards working out "Ripped Upper Body," "Juiced Glutes & Legs," "Killer Arms," "Awesome Abs," and "Insane Abs," plus, Mike's "secret recipe for his famous six-pack." Mike's brother Marc says the workout can be done with 25 pound dumb bells for men and 10 pound dumb bells for women. Well, thank goodness it's an equal opportunity workout. The trailer also features Mike's male assistant enviously (or perhaps just incredulously) glancing over as The Sitch lays it on thick with the female assistant. The male assistant even scoffs, "Wow...this guy..." which, thankfully, was not left on the editing room floor.

If you'd like the DVD in your home in time to squeeze in a post-Thanksgiving dinner workout, it's always available for pre-order.

Source: RadarOnline


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