Snooki’s Ex Challenges Vinny on Twitter
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Jersey Shore

Snooki’s Ex Challenges Vinny on Twitter

Snooki's ex-squeeze Emilio challenged Vinny to a Gentlemen's Duel...well, sort of. He challenged Vinny over Twitter to man up and admit whether he did the deed with Snooki while she and Emilio were still together or if the night was just edited to look that way. Vinny is making an appearance in Emilio's home state of Connecticut later this month, and Emilio announced a showdown time and location: “I’m connected in here, this is my home and I will be at Sin City Night Club in Water Bay on November 26 and we’ll see if he has the balls to face me!”

Apparently, Vinny asked Emilio's permission to snuggle with Snooks just for the cameras, but, as we all know, they went on to smush after Snooki was single again. Emilio wants to know what happened when, and tweeted, “I can finally find out if your hook-up with Snooki was fake or planned...Like how u called n asked to fake a hookup so people would like you more, when we were dating before season 2 hmm? #USER.” Whoa, clever hashtag irony. Props. Also, can we point out that Vinny definitely didn't need the Snooki hook-up to become the fan favorite this season? He did that all by his charming self.

Things look bleak for Emilio, though. “Sadly, I really think it happened but I want him to be a man and admit he had sex with my girl while I was with her. He was supposed to be my friend,” he says. Aww, we hate to see a guidette come between two bros. Can't you guys just work it out? Aren't you all like, family, or something?

Source: RadarOnline


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