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America's Next Top Model

ANTM Dreckitude Moment of the Week, Cycle 15, Episode 10: Kyle Hagler

The Dreckitude Moment of the Week is shared by two models this time around — Kayla and Chelsey — for ignoring Ann when she partnered up with them for the go-sees. Yeah, maybe she should have spoken up and asked, “Can I tag along?” And we appreciate that it’s every woman for herself at this point and would be more sympathetic if she was just was following one of them. But the thing is, they were already partnered up. To go to the exact same place. And if the plan all along was to part ways after Versace, then who cares? Also, it’s not like Kayla and Chelsey are the underdogs in this fight — they’ve both been stellar in the last two challenges. So, if they worked together because they’re friendly with one another and were able put competitiveness aside, there’s no real reason for ignoring the odd man out. Dreck.

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11.13.2010 / 03:56 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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