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The Kardashians

Get the Look: Kim Kardashian’s Hair

Whether she lets them loose in waves or keeps them pin straight, Kim Kardashian has some of the most-envied locks in Hollywood. Of course, it takes time, energy, and a boatload of styling products to tame Kim's thick mane. Read on for her haircare secrets, as well as a step-by-step breakdown of how to recreate her lovely curls.

Skip the shampoo
The "no 'poo" movement is gaining traction with celebs like Jessica Simpson, but Kim doesn't go that far: She tells Allure that she shampoos every two or three days. Overshampooing strips hair of natural oils; to keep that Kardashian shine, Kim washes her hair a few times a week and uses products like Sexy Hair's Big Shine spray ($16.50) for added illumination.

Start off straight
Kim's hair is more wavy than curly, so before picking up that curling iron, flat iron your hair straight to mimic Kim's signature style.

Protect and hold
Kim's hot hairstyle requires, well, a lot of heat! To keep her hair healthy, Kim uses Sexy Hair's 24/7 Curls Instant Curling Spray ($9), explaining, "It's an instant-set curling spray that protects from the heat of curling irons and locks in shine. It has memory that creates long lasting curls.
Here's how you use it: You section your dry hair then you spray it on evenly over each section before you use the curling iron. It really helps in protecting your hair but makes the curls last all day! I never just curl my hair without any product or it will fall so fast." Tips from the master herself!

Catch a wave
Voluminous is a word often used to describe Kim's hair (among other things), so you'll want your waves large and loose — think the opposite of Shirley Temple. Using a 1.5- to 2-inch curling iron will achieve a less compressed, less springy curl. To make curling more manageable, split your hair into sections and pin up the topmost layers. One-by-one, curl these sections — which should each be a little larger than an inch in thickness. Instead of curling all the way to your crown, stop about halfway up your tresses: Kim lets the top half of her hair fall straight. When you've worked your way around your head, spritz your new 'do with hairspray if you fear the curls will fall.

Finito! Go out and turn some heads with your new 'do.

11.13.2010 / 06:16 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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