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Power Rankings for Glee Season 2, Episode 6: “Never Been Kissed”

Who's ruling the school, and who's hitting sour notes? We rank the major players of Glee based on their performance in Episode 2.6. Who’s coming out on top? Let the countdown begin!

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

9 (out of 9)
Last week’s ranking: 6 (out of 8)
Here’s why: Sam got us into this whole Beiste mess in the first place, so his ranking this week suffered accordingly. Speaking of which, we haven’t heard him sing much lately, and he’s starting to seem like a carbon-copy of Finn (right down to his hook-ups with Quinn). Note to Glee: Time to make this guy a little less bland!

Last week: 5
Here’s why: We appreciated Mr Schue’s efforts to improve Beiste’s spirits, even if his kiss at the end was borderline condescending. Then again, if Schue offered to kiss you, would you really care that much what his intentions were? Didn’t think so.

Ranking: 7
Two weeks ago: 8
Here’s why: We’re not sure what to think about Artie and Brittany as a couple, but he might be good for her. (Kind of like in the late ‘90s, when Edward Norton dated Courtney Love.) And we loved the scene between Puck and Artie at the end. Who knew that Artie cared so much about geometry?

Last week: M.I.A.
Here’s why: Glad to see Puck’s back, and as crazy as ever! Could he and Artie be our new favorite bromance of all-time? (Watch your backs, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck!) One question, though: Why would Puck ever think leaving in your nipple ring at juvie was a good idea? Seems like common sense to us. (Then again, we’ve never stolen an ATM, either.)

Last week: N/A
Here’s why: We’re slowly starting to learn more about her, and we like what we know so far. Now that we have a potential love interest for Kurt, can a man for Beiste be too far off? Pretty soon, even lonelyheart Jennifer Aniston is going to start feeling sorry for Beiste!

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co.    
Ranking: 4
Two weeks ago: 4
Here’s why: Kurt took us on quite the emotional roller coaster this week, as has become the norm for him. We admired his courage in standing up to Karofsky, and we loved watching as he and Blaine ran through the hallway together, hand-in-hand! How cute are these two?

Last week: 2
Here’s why: We really hope those confetti cannons were worth destroying Beiste’s spirits. But then again, can we really stay all that mad at Sue? We mean, she did make some pitch perfect comments regarding Sam’s similarity to Macaulay Culkin and Will’s inability to understand what people are saying to him...

Ranking: 2
Last week: 6
Here’s why: We’re loving Santana’s expanded role and amazing quips this season! We also like the idea of Puck and Santana together again, but not if it keeps her from being able to make all those sexually suggestive comments whenever Carl walks in the room! (What would the Olsen twins think if they knew what goes on in Santana’s mind?!)

Ranking: 1
Last week:
Here’s why: Love this guy! We don’t know much about him yet — but so far he’s upbeat, has a killer voice, and... well, just look at him! He’s adorable! He looks a little like Taylor Lautner, minus the fur.

11.13.2010 / 06:39 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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