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Say What?! Top 10 Nikita Quotes from Season 1, Episode 9: “One Way”

Where was Birkhoff this week? We missed his sarcastic, clever asides! Maybe he had to take Shadownet to Tekserve…Luckily, Nikita and Michael stepped up with all kinds of witty banter. When Michael gets away from Percy, he can be kind of fun…

1. Michael = Drama Queen!

Michael: “What the hell are you doing here?”
Nikita: “Thanks. My flight was lovely. How ‘bout yours?”

2. ThesSay What?! Top 10 Nikita Quotes from Season 1, Episode 9: “One Way”e two need all kinds of therapy!
Nikita: “Michael, I’m not going to hurt you.”
Michael: “Really? You know, my shoulder’s still sore from where you shot me.”
Nikita: “Then I saved your life.”
Michael: “Then I saved yours.”
Nikita: “Great. Codependent relationship.”

3. Nikita = Always a Pragmatist!
Nikita: “Well, let’s see…You’re flying solo in a hostile environment, trying to take out one of the world’s most elusive terrorists with nothing to go on but the name of a shady Uzbek money launderer. At the very least, I think that might be a two-man op.
Michael: “Am I at least one of the men?”

4. Nikita: “We could get what we need without him ever knowing we took it.”
Michael: “OK. So what weapons were you thinking of?”
Nikta: “I have the perfect ones in mind.” (Cut to close-up of Nikki’s gams.)

5. A “Yo Mama” Joke! We love these!
Nikita (doing shots of vodka): “No, no, no…I’m done.”
Uzbek Money Launderer: “Nonsense. Where I come from this is like Mother’s Milk!”
Nikita: “I’d hate to meet your mother.”

6. Maybe Amanda kind of has a heart?
Amanda: “He’s cut off, alone. He’s being resourceful.”
Percy: “Nikita’s not a resource. She’s a target.”

7. Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of Red Bull?
Jaden: “Decaf Red Bull today?”
Alex: “Shut up, Jaden.”

8. Michael probably should have just let her take the shot.
Michael: “What makes you think you’re getting this bad boy?”
Nikita: “I’m the better shot.”
Michael: “I knew you’d gone rogue. I didn’t know you’d gone delusional.”

9. The “soul of his family” is not gonna be happy about this one.
Michael (to Kasim): “I swear on the soul of my family: You will die today.”

10. This makes the fact that they’re never gonna hook up even sadder.
Nikita: “Michael, you think you don’t have anything to live for? You do. You have me.”

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