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Grey's Anatomy

Spoiler: Upcoming Fight Between Owen and Meredith

Uh oh. While Cristina and Derek are strangely becoming BFFs, Owen and Meredith squabble in their spouses' absence. In the episode where Derek will take Cristina on a fishing trip to give her a little escape from the hospital, Owen and Meredith disagree on what's best for Dr. Yang. "Owen's attitude is that he has to give her space in order for her to find her way back [to the hospital]," says Kevin McKidd. This leaves Meredith up in arms, since she wants Cristina back at Seattle Grace ASAP. "Owen and Meredith really have a battle of wills during this whole thing," McKidd adds.

Well, Mer, considering Cristina hates you now, maybe you should back off and let the boys give it a shot, hmm? Harsh, we know, but just saying...

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Spoiler: Derek and Christina's Upcoming Fishing Getaway

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