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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette’s Frank Neuschaefer and Girlfriend Competing to Be “World’s Best Couple”

It wasn't enough for Frank Neuschaefer to just leave Ali Fedotowsky for ex-girlfriend Nicole Caruso toward the end of The Bachelorette Season 6. Now Frank and Nicole want to prove they are the "World's Best Couple" and win a 22-carat diamond ring in jeweler Michael Hill's "The Ultimate Engagement Ring" contest. Um, yes, you read that right. 22 carats!

As Hill explains on, "It doesn't matter whether you've been married for 60 years or you've just met. The reward for the winners will be The Ultimate Engagement Ring, featuring a magnificent 22-carat Diamond. We'll be setting a series of fun challenges that will have partners from all over the world proving their love for each other. So if you think you're the right couple, enter now and be part of the Search!" Frank and Nicole entered under the team name "We Prefer Peonies" and have so far completed three challenges: They posted their favorite photo, revealed their secret pet names (Boo Boo and Sweetums?!), and wrote romantic poems for each other.

Here's a portion of Nicole's poem to Frank, referencing his flight to Chicago to reconcile with her before going on to sob with Ali in Tahiti:

"I've learned that love is patient, but it comes to those who wait,
You flew back to Chicago, back to me... and now I know it was fate.

Now I can rest assured, that you are always mine,
My Boo Boo, my honey, mine till the end of time."

Yes, we'll wait while you gag...

... All done? Frank has been tweeting requests for fans to vote for him and Nicole as the best couple. So if you feel like helping them win a gigantic diamond ring — or feel like competing against them with your own bad poetry — check out the site and vote.

Source: The Ultimate Engagement Ring