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Dancing With The Stars

Bristol Palin Denies She’s Dating Mark Ballas

There's no arguing the surprise star in the Dancing with the Stars final four is Bristol Palin. It's a surprise because of her routinely low scores, and also because before the show began she was barely even a star. Not to mention that she's up against some really good dancers. But my how things have changed for the shy young woman.

"I can't believe it's been three months already," she said to E! "I'm pretty confident now."

Why does Bristol think she's been receiving so many votes from fans? "I work my butt off," she said. Further, Bristol clearly doesn't think politics has much to do with her continued success. "Think about all the people who hate my mom!"

The conspiracy theories of why she's still on the show aside, Bristol is quick to point out that her relationship with Mark Ballas is purely professional. "Nothing with Mark," she said. "He's like a friend."

Someone who isn't her friend is ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston, though Bristol does hope that he gets his life together. "I think he is misguided," she said of Levi and his bid to run for mayor of Wasilla. "But at least he's going to finish his education." Will they ever reconcile? "No! We broke up after Tripp was born. I'm over it," she said. "I'm a single mom…I've moved on, I have a wonderful life."

Source: E!

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11.16.2010 / 12:05 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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