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Dancing With The Stars

Willow and Bristol Palin Start Facebook Flame War

While Bristol Palin continues her improbable and seemingly illegitimate run on Dancing with the Stars, she and her sister Willow might get in some trouble because of Facebook.

During the widely watched premiere of Sarah Palin's Alaska the other night, Willow and Bristol took to Willow's Facebook page to take on a few critics, and naturally the results took a turn toward the nasty. "You're a typical s--- talker," wrote Bristol to one commenter. "Talking s--- because you have nothing else going for you. Just like you pretended you didn't know what Dancing with the Stars was."

Sister Willow was less magnanimous with her words, writing that haters were "so gay" and calling at least one a "f-----," slurs that seems especially upsetting in this time of rampant gay bullying. You have to wonder how much more dirty laundry will come out against Bristol and her family in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, as always, be careful what you write on Facebook, everyone!

Source: HuffPo

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11.17.2010 / 09:16 PM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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