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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Lawrence Washington: Atlanta’s Fiercest Unofficial Housewife

This just in: Lawrence Washington is officially the most charismatic Real Housewife of Atlanta. Okay, so he may not be an official H'Wife, but he's definitely the most well-adjusted of the bunch. The fiercest cross-dresser south of the Mason-Dixon line snagged his stint as an unofficial Housewife when he was first featured as Sheree's hair dresser. We have, of course, since seen him stomping ATL in the highest of designer heels, and singing in Kandi's studio. And, good gracious, does Miss Lawrence have some pipes!

So what's the story behind his habit of wearing the most fabulous heels in the city of Hotlanta? And what are his opinions on the gay scene in his beloved ATL? Lawrence dishes on all of the above and more in a recent interview.

Just to clear up any confusion about his gender identity, Miss Lawrence offers, "It’s so simple. I identify myself as Miss Lawrence, and basically I cross-dress. That’s the word for it — I’m a cross-dresser. I don’t do drag. I don’t wear fake boobs or a bunch of hair. I just cross-dress...I am the blueprint of the boys of “the cross” in Atlanta. I started this a long time ago." He also notes he's never fallen, unless he's out dancing and gets "real full." Uhh, we're not too sure what that means, but we really want to become friends with him and find out.

While he's glad Atlanta's become a place more accepting of the freedom of expression, he admits the gay community is still pretty cliquey. "The gay community is very segregated," Washington says. "You got the whole DL [down-low] group of guys that pretty much stay together and run around places like…I’m not naming them. What if a DL man wants to put a ring on my finger, then he’ll be like, ‘He spilled all the tea.’" Apparently, in Atlanta, they spill tea and not beans. We'll take it.

Alright, Miss Lawrence's fascinating use of slang aside, what's he got to say about the Real Housewives? Phaedra's funny-looking, for one. "I think Phaedra is hilarious and she looks hilarious. I think she makes some really funny faces," he dishes. We'll agree with that. Since he knew Phae-Phae's hubby, Apollo, before he went to prison, there's been some speculation that Apollo is one of those DL guys. Miss Lawrence's official word on the matter? "I hate that they made him look that way, like I know some tea or something, but I don’t know that man like that, but he’s sexy. If he wants to tell me that in private, I won’t tell nobody (laughs)." It looks like NeNe isn't the only one with a little crush on the quietest Mr. Real Housewife.

He also doesn't think he has much competition in the studio in Kim Zolciak, but he's supportive of her pursuing a career, despite the fact that she' do we put this delicately...tone-deaf. Says Lawrence, "The difference between me and Kim is she’s being developed into an artist. She’s not a singer. We know that...But last season, Kim did really good numbers off ‘Tardy for the Party’ on iTunes, so Kandi ain’t crazy. That’s why she’s in the studio, like I’m going to get me a piece this time." Considering he's got pipes like no other, we don't think he's going to have a problem getting his.

Source: Black News Tribune

11.18.2010 / 02:37 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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