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America's Next Top Model

ANTM OMG Moments, Cycle 15, Episode 11

From Leonardo da Vinci to a wild acting coach, last night’s episode was full of surprising guest appearances, not to mention crazy moments. Here are the Top 5 OMG Moments.

5. Ann's strategy was to scream.

All of the meetings with Vogue Italia’s editor-in-chief were awkward, given Franca Sozzani’s fondness for single-syllable affirmations (“OK. Great.”), but we chose Ann’s scene to represent all four meetings, because it brought nervous-quiet and powerful-quiet head-to-head. We also got great views of two very important things in the background: 1.) Andre Leon Talley, the magical Keeper of the Vogue Italia gate, and 2.) The blackboard next to Franca’s desk, which read, in part: “Oh, Franca, thanks for spoiling all your photographers and designers.” Yes.

4. Andre, Kayla, and Chelsey met da Vinci.

Part of Chelsey’s prize for winning the personality challenge with Franca was a private viewing of Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper, which is kind of an incredible prize. Seeing her, Andre, and Kayla walk in there was almost more mesmerizing than the actual painting itself, perhaps because we were viewing it — literally — through the ANTM lens. Just like da Vinci wanted.

3. Kayla and Chelsey rubbed it in big time.

Things started gettin’ serious! After their private viewing of the painting, Chelsey and Kayla got to stay in a very nice hotel with a view of the Gucci store. The next morning, they wasted no time at all telling Jane and Ann that it was the only 7-star hotel in Europe. When Jane didn’t bite and dismissed their gifts as “practical,” it only fueled a slow-burning fire. We don’t know when these two teams were formed, but the divide was clear. Chelsey even had Ann saying, “Bring it.”

2. Ann and Jane's last supper was better anyway.

Seriously. These two were funnier and more charming than we’ve ever seen them. Oddly enough, losing really suited them. An anime version of The Last Supper? Perfect. T’was a shame Franca couldn’t have made it to this meeting. It was all personality.

1. Bringing out emotions. Mostly the scary ones.

We’ll all remember where we were the day we met Barbara Terrinoni. The acting coach was brought in to help the girls with their expressions, which was appropriate given that she’s capable of some we didn’t even know existed. Seriously, this lady was a live wire, and really should have worked the statue challenge last week, playing the part of the sculptor who brought the marble to life. Her military-like intimidation tactics (“Smile!”) and her unmatched enthusiasm for screaming for help and laughing on cue was so amazing, weird, and funny.

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11.19.2010 / 04:23 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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