Beauty Over Brains: ANTM’s Jane Leaves Princeton to Pursue Modeling Career
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America's Next Top Model

Beauty Over Brains: ANTM’s Jane Leaves Princeton to Pursue Modeling Career

She's strikingly beautiful, she's got the brains to make it at Princeton, but Jane just didn't have what it took to beat out Ann and Chelsey to make the Top Model finals. The judges harped on the fact that her personality wasn't as strong as say, Chris', but Jane thinks that's unfair. We chatted with the Ivy League beauty about getting close to Ann and how she was discovered at a Starbucks!

What made you first want to get into modeling?
I’ve always wanted to do modeling since I was about 15 but it wasn’t until a photographer approached me last fall and encouraged me to submit some pictures to an agency and I had taken a couple of pictures in my dorm afterwards. So I sent those into a couple agencies and then I submitted on the CW website. I was watching Gossip Girl and a link to apply to Top Model Cycle 15 popped up and I thought "why not?" and I wasn’t even sure my application went through. So this was my first time with anything with modeling.

How did the photographer approach you?
We were in Starbucks and at first I thought it was kind of just a bad pickup line, like "Hey, are you a model?" But then I think he was with his wife and he was in a suit and I was with my mom so…

Did you have to take time off from Princeton to do the show?

No, I got I incredibly lucky with casting. It was during finals period and the week for casting that I had to fly out to L.A., I fortunately was able to turn in a couple of papers early and the night I flew back I pulled an all-nighter and took my exam the next day.

Do you plan on graduating from Princeton even though you're now pursuing modeling?

Yeah. Definitely. All the work I put in, I’ll definitely come out with something. Starting in January I’m taking time off and I have three years until I have to return to Princeton. That’s also assuming an agency will want me.

Have you ever felt like people thought you were choosing beauty over brains when you decided to go into modeling?
Everyone’s been incredibly supportive at school. Modeling is something that you obviously can’t do for an extended period of time. There’s only a very small window when you can actually have a career. People understand that this is something I want to do. Certainly it’s not something that a lot of people that I know or that anyone else is pursuing but I think people can appreciate, maybe not relate, but still appreciate what I’m doing.

Have you ever felt insecure about the way you look?

Oh my gosh, yes. For anyone who’s going through orthodontia, I definitely had insecurities about my look but I mean who hasn’t, right? My appearance is only a part of who I am.

Have you ever used your beauty to get what you want?
Other than getting on Top Model, no.

What about being on the show was the most surprising?

I really wasn’t expecting to be critiqued on my personality. That was something I was not anticipating. I was very concerned more with learning how to model and learning very quickly and I was not anticipating another challenge.

Did you think that you were projecting your personality and they weren’t seeing it?

You can ask any of the girls, I think for the large part, most of them would say that I definitely do have a personality, which I think is silly to even suggest that someone does or does not have a personality. I guess it’s about how you convey your personality. I understand where the judges are coming from in regards to panel, but panel was never a supportive, warm fuzzy environment, but I think it was for other girls. I never really got my confidence boosted there. Certainly I wish I had been maybe a little more bubbly, but honestly I was terrified that I’d be the next girl eliminated basically every week and it was a really critical environment, so I can’t really imagine being all friendly and lighthearted.

Did you feel like the only time to share your personality was at panel?
For the judges it was. I was glad they showed the clip last night of when I was just hanging out with Ann because that’s pretty much what my life was like the entire time — just little moments having fun with the other girls in the house.

Were you and Ann close?
Yeah, I was very close with all of the girls in the top four. Ann was someone I was especially close to when we were in LA. Esther, Ann and I would eat breakfast every single morning together. We lived in the same room and it seemed like everyone was getting eliminated from our room. Ann actually visited me last weekend, so I’ve definitely kept up with her but also the other two girls.

Do you think Ann was portrayed accurately on-screen?
Definitely. Ann is a very quiet person but she’s fun and I think that they did a good job of showing clips where you could see Ann’s quirky personality and humor coming through.

Do you think girls should study like Chelsey or rely on natural talent like you did?
Well honestly, I did really actually study before the competition. It was really frustrating — during the photo shoot where we had to portray designers, the judges said I didn’t come prepared like a Princeton student should. I actually told them that I made a 15-page study guide on designers, which I studied religiously. I studied it with Ann and Esther every single morning. So that was really frustrating to see that during editing.

Did you ever tell the judges that?

I told Tyra she could quiz me on any facts in Marc Jacobs’ life and Andre actually said to the other judges, how was she supposed to know his personality? I knew facts and dates about his life but I just didn’t study his mannerisms. That was just one of the points I was particularly frustrated about because it was something I put a lot of work into.

What was your most embarrassing moment?
I thought that the statue photo shoot that when it aired I thought it would be more embarrassing than it was but looking back on it now, I was truly upset so I’m not embarrassed by the fact that I cried, just at the time I had makeup smearing everywhere, half of my face was white, half of it was blotchy red — I was a mess. Also, I guess anything with runway because I still have no idea how to do a runway walk. I’ve never really worn heels in my life. Every time I had to walk for a major event I kinda wanted to kick myself.

Do you have any regrets in the competition overall?

I don’t know if I’d consider it as a regret, but I wish I’d had prior modeling experience. I'm proud of the fact that I made it into the top four but it was walking in having no idea how to model or do a runway walk. So if I'd had more of a background and a better understanding of what I was supposed to do, I think I might be in the final or at least deserving of it then.

Who do you think is gonna win?

It’s definitely going to be a difficult decision for the judges because Chelsey is obviously very ready as a model to go out into the industry but I think Ann. She was called one too many times at panel for me to not say that she walked away with the title.


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