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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Recap of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 1, Episode 6: “The Art of War”

How awkward was it between Camille and Kelsey backstage at his Broadway show? Talk about painful! Kelsey looked about as excited to see Camille as the character Bill looked to see Uma Thurman’s character in the Kill Bill movies, after Bill had left her for dead.

But first we had to endure yet more bickering between Kyle and Camille in NYC. And this time, it wasn’t just Kyle and Camille mixing it up. Taylor tells Camille that Lisa was calling her insecure at the airport, and then Taylor threatens to fight Kim outside, Oklahoma-style. Everyone’s reputation was left sullied after this fight — which is also what happened to the reputations of every actor who starred in that movie The Tooth Fairy.

Even Kim and Kyle were back to their fighting ways. Not that anyone would previously have mistaken them for the sisters from Little Women or anything, but we were thought that Kim would at least take her sister’s side in the fight. Kim is apparently someone who doesn’t care whether other people are enjoying themselves — sort of like the chefs at Applebee’s.

The next day, Camille sends Kyle a text message, telling her to still come see Kelsey’s play. (An invite via text message? How thoughtful!) And Kim gives jewelry to the women as a peace offering, because nothing is more touching than buying someone’s love. (Somewhere, Kobe Bryant — who famously picked out an enormous diamond ring for his wife after his infidelity a few years back — was watching Kim’s actions and welling up with tears of pride.)

After the show, Kelsey meets Camille backstage and basically shoos her away, saying that he’ll see her in “a while.” Uh, could he possibly have been more vague? The only thing phonier than Kelsey’s emotional display was, well, his wig in the play. (At first we were like, “Kelsey with hair? How many decades ago was this episode filmed?”)

The women finally make it back to L.A., where Lisa explains the ordeal to Adrienne. Adrienne seems relieved to have missed out, just as someone would be relieved to later find out that they were the only person to not have eaten any of the rancid shellfish at a wedding.

Meanwhile, Paul is shocked when Adrienne tells him that he should have stayed with her and her family on the night her uncle died, rather than go drinking with the guys. Paul needing to be told that is sort of like someone needing to use the instructions that come on the Pop-Tarts box.

And Camille reunites with her (apparent) true love Nick, who has been kissing her on the mouth all night. Camille had to endure the cold shoulder earlier from Kelsey, but at least gets to have a little fun with Nick — it’s like eating a cheeseburger after a long workout.

So will we finally be able to move past this Kyle-Camille spat? Heck — if The Rock’s career can survive a movie where he dressed up as the tooth fairy, we suppose that anything is possible.

11.19.2010 / 07:58 PM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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