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America's Next Top Model

Spoiler: Does Ann’s Recent Behavior Mean She Lost America’s Next Top Model?

We know that aside from smizing and generally looking high fashion at all times, the ANTM contestants have the additional task of keeping their pretty little pouts shut about whether they won or lost the competition. We're talking about Ann and Chelsey, now that we're down to the final two. Since they are the only two models that were in the room for the finale, they're the only ones who have the top secret knowledge weighing down their shoulders. So it's presumptuous for us to say, but if you had won the prestigious title of America's Next Top Model, would you say, visit a friend at college instead of say, celebrating in your room for the three months while the show was airing?

Well, Jane told us exclusively that Ann visited her last weekend. So... does that mean that Chelsey took home the Top Model tiara? To read the rest of our interview with Jane, click here!


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11.19.2010 / 02:09 AM EDT by Kim Kaufman
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