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Grey's Anatomy

Spoiler: Scott Foley’s Grey’s Anatomy Storyline Revealed

We heard a couple of weeks ago that Scott Foley snagged a guest spot on Grey's as a patient of Teddy's who wins her heart. His episode will air on December 2nd, and we've got the scoop on exactly what he's doing at Seattle Grace. Scott Foley's character is dying and, after having had multiple surgeries, is broke. Strapped for cash and desperate to save his life, he asks his girlfriend to marry him so he can reap the benefits of her health insurance. (But he really loves her, too, he swears.) He's about to be discharged from Seattle Grace before getting the surgery that could potentially save his life, since he can't pay his bills, but, in a moment of charity and good will, Teddy agrees to do his surgery pro bono.

Hopefully the fact that Foley's character has a fiancée will deter Teddy from falling into an Izzie/Denny Redux situation.

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