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Grey's Anatomy

Will There Be a Grey’s Anatomy Musical Episode?

The Musical Episode. At once, the most disastrous and most hilarious television trope a series could create. And Grey's is rumored to count itself among the few elite series to attempt one later this season. Now, before you cringe (actually, just go ahead and cringe anyway), allow us to remind you that other medical shows have successfully pulled off the musical episode: Scrubs had a patient who had an aneurysm that caused her to hear everything in song (the medical basis behind this phenomenon? Completely unfounded, but a cute idea...?), leading the docs to sing and dance their way through the episode. Yeah, but Scrubs was a comedy, you say. True. But, arguably, the most famous musical episode of all time is the Buffy: the Vampire Slayer one, and Buffy was a drama...technically...okay, a silly drama, yes.

We'll admit, the idea is strange, but it may just be crazy enough to work. Chandra Wilson was part of the original cast of the musical Caroline, Or Change on Broadway. Sara Ramirez won a freakin' Tony for her performance as the Lady In the Lake in Spamalot. And four-time Tony winner Audra McDonald could always show up for a crossover episode? Maybe the Glee kids are going to have to watch their backs. Grown-ups just joined the game.

Source: New York Magazine


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