Get to Know the Music From Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 9: “Slow Night, So Long”
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Grey's Anatomy

Get to Know the Music From Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 9: “Slow Night, So Long”

Grey's famed music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas has introduced us to some of our favorite artists, and the hits just keep on coming in Season 7. For makeups, breakups, and those cringe-inducing surgeries, check back every week for our weekly roundup of the music from Grey's Anatomy.

Artist: The National

Song: "Runaway"

Album: High Violet

Scene: Cristina parties with a pack of rowdy bachelors. (Words we never thought we'd write in a Grey's Anatomy recap.)


What makes you think

I’m enjoyin' being led to the flood

We got another thing comin' undone

That’s taking us over.

Artist: Imani Coppola

Song: "Celebrate"

Album: Unreleased

Scene: Mark and Bailey first spot Cristina working at the bar.

Artist: Vassy

Song: "Run to the Sun"

Album: Unreleased

Scene: Lexie wakes Jackson up from a traumatic nightmare, and April offers Derek a mid-evening breakfast.

Artist: Free & Easy

Song: "Open"

Album: Black & Tan

Scene: After a blind date with a guy who has some clear mommy issues, Teddy encourages Callie to follow Arizona to Africa.


Like sideways, yeah we on that,

GPS, we don't need that

This is all us, we coastin'

It's breezy, we open.

Artist: Calahan

Song: "Bleeding"

Album: Rocksucker

Scene: Bailey turns out to be the most comical drunk we've ever seen.


I hate the way you always let me down

I still can't pull away

You never gave me your time.

Artist: Amateur Night

Song: "Immune"

Album: Unreleased

Scene: Cristina serves the attendings the most tasteless drink ever: the Early Onset Alzheimer's. Gulp.

Artist: Ali Dee

Song: "She's Goin' Down"

Album: Vampires Suck - Soundtrack

Scene: Meredith and Alex have a revelation for April's lovesick teens: Acetone.


She keep that body winding down, down, down down down down

That girl, she's a beast and she know it

Girl ain't afraid to show it

That girl's a beast and she know it.

Artist: Calahan

Song: "Feels Like Rain"

Album: Rocksucker

Scene: Richard joins the residents on the night shift—and he is not pleased.


Before I'm dead and gone away

I wanna try to make you stay

It's all I wanted to do

I wanna try and be with you.

Artist: Mackintosh Braun

Song: "Made For Us"

Album: Where We Are

Scene: Owen finally gives Jackson some much-needed validation (which goes to Jackson's head a little, we think!).


Don't say it doesn't matter anymore

This was made for us

We've held all that we've wanted for so long

This was made for us.

Artist: Anya Marina

Song: "You Are Invisible"

Album: Spirit School

Scene: Bailey wakes up with a nasty—and well-deserved—hangover.


Creeping through an open window

Inside the doorway in your quiet room

Outright doing what you gotta do

Sometimes, it's like you are invisible.

Artist: Goldfrapp

Song: "Alive"

Album: Head First

Scene: Meredith ends her day, while Derek begins his.


I woke up with the rising sun

I was blinded by the light

Jump up and pull on my jeans

It feels good, they're a little tight.

Listen to all the tunes here:

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