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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Big Scoop on the Unveiling of Klaus

Casting for a very intriguing character from The Vampire Diaries books has begun! You might remember hearing one of the mysterious vampires holding Elena hostage (Rose) drop the name “Klaus” at the end of Episode 2.8 (a.k.a. the eppy when Damon told Elena he loved her and then erased her memory like a big wuss).

For those of you who’ve read the books, TVD director Julie Plec said you’d probably “lose [your] freakin’ minds” at the name drop, she told Entertainment Weekly. “And the rest of America is gonna go, ‘Huh… Alright. Who’s that?’,” she said.

So… who is he? Here’s the official casting call for Klaus, thanks to

“Klaus is late-20′s to mid-30′s. He’s handsome, charming, intelligent, with a sharp wit. He’s the only person who can out-Damon Damon. That’s because he’s got a thousand years on him. Klaus is one of the Originals. Possibly the oldest. But you’d never know it because he keeps up with the times.”


TVD book-lovers don’t have much of an advantage over TV watchers regarding this whole Klaus business, because Plec said she intentionally twisted some aspects of Klaus’ story to keep book readers guessing — including his history with Katherine. In the book, Klaus was Katherine’s “maker,” but this time around we learn they both have different histories.

Rest assured though — Klaus will be just as badass in the series as he was in the books. He’s still the epitome of evil, quotes poetry like it’s his job, and can kick the Salvatore brothers’ butts around the block and back.

Those of you who haven’t read the books, don’t worry too much about being lost. Plec said she’ll definitely get us all up to speed before Klaus makes his grand debut. “We’re gonna learn a lot about him and be hopefully very afraid of him before we ever lay eyes on him,” she said. “That’s gonna be a nice, big, long healthy tease.”

Oh, Julie. You tease!

Source:, Entertainment Weekly

11.23.2010 / 11:45 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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