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Jersey Shore

Want to Be a Virtual Guidette? Play the Jersey Shore Facebook Game

Is Farmville losing it's appeal? Mafia Wars becoming a snore? Try the Jersey Shore Facebook game!

In it, players can create their own Jersey Shore avatars, or, simply choose a cast member from the show, and pit them against one another in battles. Players can choose from a variety of weapons with which to defeat their opponents, including hairspray, siccing Snooki's boyfriend, or throwing an exploding duck (presumably a shout-out to the duck phone of the Shore house). As for items to heal your avatar after it's been attacked? Try some soothing "Bro-Glow" or busing out "Your Mom." You can also work jobs inspired by the show and GTL to get ahead.

Admittedly, the best part of the game is dressing up your avatar in all the guido gear you could possibly imagine, but we encourage you to try healing your wounds using your opponent's mom. That might be a fun graphic.

Source: Inside Social Games

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11.23.2010 / 01:49 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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