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Glee Cast Tweet Treats: Chord Overstreet Shrinks Himself

Just like the rest of us, our fave Glee clubbers can't resist sending out blasts from their iPhones and CrackBerries. Sometime between filming and being famous, the cast manages to squeeze in primo Twitter time.

druidDUDE Finally, chordoverstreet and I r the same height Well, now we know what Chord would look like as an Oz munchkin.

msleamichele: Look at the picture I just took of frankenteen :) We are digging Cory’s new look! Très chic ;).

IJennaUsh this sums up my life... :) Mmm deliciously spicy goodness! Wonder if she puts that on her ice cream?

frankenteen: My mind was blown when I realized that the word 'bed' looks like a bed...This is by far the best and most useful fact we’ve heard all day!