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The Vampire Diaries

Set Your DVRs: A Vampire Diaries Marathon!

The CW just announced plans for a Vampire Diaries marathon week in December. (Fist pump!) Starting on Monday, December 13, two episodes will air every night beginning at 8 PM ET/PT. The marathon will last until Friday, December 17, and will catch everyone up on the first 10 episodes of Season 2.

The show is really blowing up this year, especially amongst 18 to 34-year-old viewers. In fact, TVD is The CW’s highest-rated show amongst young viewers this season. So, it’s official then. Vampires and werewolves are the best combination, like chocolate and peanut butter!

We've got the breakdown so you can set your DVRs!

Monday, December 13: Episode 2.1, “The Return” and Episode 2.2, “Brave New World”

Tuesday, December 14: Episode 2.3, “ Bad Moon Rising” and Episode 2.4, “Memory Lane”

Wednesday, December 15: Episode 2.5, “Kill or Be Killed” and Episode 2.6, “Plan B”

Thursday, December 16: Episode 2.7, “Masquerade” and Episode 2.8, “Rose”

Friday, December 17: Episode 2.9, “Katerina” and Episode 2.10, “The Sacrifice”

Source: Press Release

11.24.2010 / 03:00 AM EDT by Amy Cottrell
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