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Top 5 Reasons Why We Love Bones

We love Bones for many reasons, including the will-they/won't-they romantic tension between Booth and Brennan, the super-smart (and adorable) guys, and all those fascinating cases. It was hard to whittle our list down to only five reasons, but here they are...

5. The Angelator/Angelatron
It started off as the Angelator, but has now become the Angelatron. Regardless of what you call it, this piece of holographic technology is a major time-saver. Coupled with Angela Montenegro's artistic ability, the equipment transforms a skeleton into a 3D image of the what the person looked like when they were alive. For added fun, you can also see the many ways in which they might have died. Creepy and fascinating.

4. A little ZZ Top to rock your world
Nowhere else but on Bones would a real-life member of ZZ Top play a real-life member of ZZ Top. Billy Gibbons plays himself... as well as the father of the fictional Angela. Confused? Don't be! Just enjoy the scenes in which he gives Jack Hodgins a hard time.
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3. A guy for every girl
What kind of guy do you like? The handsome, rugged, badass? Enter Seeley Booth. The intelligent dude with the blue eyes and an intense mistrust of anyone in power? Meet Hodgins. The nerdy fella who wants to hear you talk about yourself? We present Lance Sweets. You like your guys with an IQ off the charts and the ability to aid a cannibalistic serial killer? Then Zack Addy is your man. (Well, maybe you should stick with the first three.)
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2. The grossest possible scenes on TV
Even the most intense crime shows on TV can't match the parade of decaying corpses, bone eating snot flowers, jumping maggots, and horrible deaths seen on Bones. The show’s ick-factor makes you want to take a shower and stay glued to the TV all at once.

1. Temperance Brennan
There are lab people, smart people, people who find evidence, and even people who deal with dead bodies, but none of them come close to Temperance Brennan’s unique combination of intelligence and hilarious social awkwardness. Besides that, she has a unique back story, an odd — yet logical — way of looking at the world, and endless pairs of chunky earrings we can't resist.
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11.24.2010 / 01:06 AM EDT by Cherie Burbach
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