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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Camille Grammer’s Divorce: The Kelsey and Kayte Story

We know Camille Grammer is kinda crazy, but her almost-ex-hubby Kelsey doesn’t appear to have all his ducks in a row, either.

Yesterday, it was leaked to the press that Kelsey purchased a $6.5 million dollar apartment for himself and his latest love interest, Kayte Walsh. Which would be fine if she wasn’t 29-years-old. And if he wasn’t still married when the two first started canoodling. And if he didn’t try to keep the huge purchase a secret.

So, how exactly did this 29-year-old British stewardess end up being the new leading lady in 55-year-old Kelsey’s life (and seriously, what does her father think about all this? Oh wait, he loves it.) There’s no specific deets out there about the way the couple met (which is somewhat unnerving), but we first saw them holding hands in public in NYC in July.

Why NYC? Kelsey moved there to star in a Broadway revival of La Cage aux Folles — and shortly thereafter dumped sorry Camille via telephone. After 13 years of marriage. Scummy much? Plus, (very, very) soon after, he told the NY Post he and Kayte were “happy together” and he was "pushing for a quickie divorce because things [were] moving quickly with his new girlfriend." Apparently the divorce and the outing of his new relationship all happened within six weeks. Um, ouch.

After the big ole’ dump, Camille started to speculate. She claims Kelsey coaxed her into doing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills show to distract her from his cheating — which is totally sucky but also pretty brilliant if it’s true. But we’ll take that tidbit with a grain of salt (and shot of tequila), ‘cause we how Camille likes to twist the truth...

AND was reported that Kayte miscarried Kelsey’s baby in late September. Which is maybe for the best because if she was gonna spell her baby’s name some crazy way like her parent’s did, well, she probably saved one little child from a lifetime of teasing.

So what about Cammy? All the while, she’s traipsing around LA with cameras taping her petty fights with Kyle Richards — no eligible bachelors in sight.

We feel bad for her, we really do. But we can’t help but think those crazy-eyes would push anybody away.

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