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Emily Deschanel’s Passion for Animal Welfare

We all love animals to some degree — who doesn’t love sending around the latest viral video of adorable kittens? But Emily Deschanel is a vocal supporter for the humane treatment of all creatures cute... and not-so-cute, lending her name to organizations like PETA, The Humane Society, and Farm Sanctuary.

Deeply influenced by Diet for a New America, a documentary about the food industry, Emily stopped eating meat in high school and then eschewed dairy two years later. The animal lover doesn't approach her veganism half-heartedly: She even made sure her September 2010 wedding to actor/writer David Hornsby was vegan!

Emily feels strongly about several animal rights causes, including helping The Humane Society end Canada's commercial seal hunts, passing The Great Ape Protection Act with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and supporting Farm Sanctuary's efforts to spread the ban of battery cages for chickens, gestation crates for pigs, and veal crates.

As a promoter for Go Vegan Week in October 2010, Emily highlighted several of the diet's benefits: According to her, it's healthy, eco-friendly, and animal-friendly! Also, veganism doesn't have to be all bean sprouts and soy patties. Spilling to Vegetarian Times about her weakness for vegan desserts, Emily said, "If chocolate's involved, I'm going to eat it." Good to know we can follow your advice and still indulge, Em!

11.27.2010 / 12:34 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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