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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Are The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Taking Plastic Surgery Too Far?

When getting plastic surgery — and talking about it — becomes as commonplace as chatting about your latest workout DVD, we’ve got to wonder: Has the whole industry gone too far?

One blogger asks, “Is there a Real Housewives plastic surgery epidemic?” … and we’re starting to wonder if maybe that is the case.

The housewives weren’t the first women to go down the silicone road (and certainly won’t be the last) but they’ve def glamorized it — and helped make it suitable dinner conversation. Remember Lisa Vanderpump’s “Bucket of Botox” comment? Maybe we shouldn’t be laughing, after all.

But it’s hard to talk about plastic surgery without mentioning its poster child: Heidi Montag, the former The Hills’ star who had a total of 10 plastic surgeries all at once — and was still begging her doc for more. An unidentified staffer from Dr. Frank Ryan’s office — Heidi’s surgeon who recently died in a car crash — said Heidi had continuously asked Dr. Ryan for more surgeries, even after he refused. “'She can find someone else to do it, I told her she had enough, and I was not going to do anything more for her,’” the staffer said, recounting a comment from Dr. Ryan about Heidi.

Eventually, the doc gave in and performed the final surgery, but he wasn’t happy about it.

After the doctor’s fatal crash, Heidi has started to speak badly about the doctor to the media. Is really that pissed he didn’t want to inject her with anymore silicone? “It makes me wonder if she even has a soul,” the same unidentified staffer said. Hm, maybe it’s made of plastic, too?

But in all seriousness, we have a new show on TV called Bridalplasty. Maybe it’s time we draw the line (and docs stop drawing them on us?)

Source: Celebrities Zone, Radar Online