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The Vampire Diaries

‘Burlesque’ Director on Ian Somerhalder: He’s ‘One of the Most Beautiful Specimens I’ve Ever Seen in Person’

We’d like to extend a belated (but totally heartfelt) “thank you!” to Burlesque Director Steve Antin for bringing Ian Somerhalder (Damon) into the limelight (and subsequently, our hearts).

In a recent interview with Movieline, Antin talked about “finding” Ian and coaching him through his acting debut in Antin’s Young Americans: “He had never acted before, but his picture came across my desk and I said, ‘Get that kid in here!’” (Hey — that’s what we thought the first time we saw his picture, too!)

But Ian was a pretty smokin’ (and über busy) Guess model at the time and kept cancelling on Antin. Eventually, the powers that be took over and Ian ended up sitting face-to-face with the director. “I took him to the network and coached him,” Antin said. “I actually shot him myself in my office and went through a long process of helping to get him on TV.”

So does that mean Antin watches The Vampire Diaries to keep up with his self-made prodigy? “I do sometimes, because Ian’s like my son! I feel like his dad. I love it. He’s great, such a charming, lovely, fabulous guy,” he said. “He is really one of the most beautiful specimens I’ve ever seen in person. He’s so staggeringly beautiful that it’s jaw-dropping,” Antin continued to gush. Quite an eloquent speech there, Antin!

Our (not so) eloquent response? Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Source: Movieline

11.30.2010 / 06:27 AM EDT by Erica Strauss
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